Dmc – Devil May Cry Collectibles Guide: Mission 1

Just like the previous entries of the series, Dmc Devil May Cry features a lot of collectibles, scattered all over the game’s 20 missions. There are three different types of hidden items in the game: Lost Souls, Keys and Secret Doors. Lost Souls will allow yo to earn more Red Orbs which can be used to purchase upgrades, the Keys are required to open the Secret Doors, leading to the Secret Missions. Please note that some Secret Doors require keys which can be found only in later missions so if you want to find everything in the game you will have to backtrack a little. Finding all the collectibles also affects your mission rank: to earn that SSS rank you will have to find all the collectibles on the mission. Let’s start by getting all the collectibles in the first mission of the game.

  • Mission 1 – Found

Lost Soul: the first Lost Souls is close to the red locked door near the location where the cutscene with Kat ends. The red door can only be opened by the Eryx Gauntlets so you will have to come back later.

Lost Soul: after the cutscene with Kat, keep moving forward until you reach a fork in the path: near the fork is the Lost Souls, it’s kinda hard to miss.

Copper Key: at the previously mentioned fork, go to the left: at the end of the path you will find the Copper Key which can unlock a Copper Door, with a Secret Mission to be found behind it.

Lost Soul: after getting the Angel Grapple ability, keep moving on until you notice an optional grapple point in the distance. Get to it and you will find the Lost Soul nearby.

Copper Door: time to use that copper key: the door is right after the boss of the mission attacks you and you escape into the building. Go down the hallway until you reach a mirror. The Copper Door is to the right of the mirror.

Lost Soul: proceed into the hallway and you’ll see the Lost Soul near a wall, it’s really hard to miss.

Lost Soul: after getting the previous Lost Soul, head to the left and reach the electrifying chair with a doll on it. Head left from this point to reach another room with the Lost Soul, it’s up above you.

Lost Soul: the last collectible of the mission. Go back to the main path after getting the previous Lost Soul, go right and straight ahead. When near the door with the red slashes use the Arbiter to open the door and get the last Lost Soul.

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