Dead Space 3 Guide (Chapters Two & Three)

Well, that Carver guy is kind of a dick.  Leave him (unless you’re playing co-op) and go to your right.  Under the writing “USM Eudora” you’ll find a audio log.  Now go left and exit through the door.

Go through the next door into a large room with stairs on either side.  At the top level, on the wall, there are two supply cabinets.  Take their contents and head down the stairs and exit out the door to the right.  Take the hall immediately to the right to find an artifact and ammo.  Grab these items and return back to the door you came through.

Now take a right go through the door.  A cutscene will trigger and things will get pretty messed up.  When you get control of Isaac, head for the door directly in front of you (the same one you came in through).  Isaac will start giving orders, and ask Carver for an EVA Suit.  Head down the hall Carver points out to you.  Halfway down, the hall will flip and you will be standing on glass.  Keep going forward.  Once through the door, Isaac will put on his EVA suit.

After Isaac has his suit on, fly forward using the boost (toward the orange light).  You’ll see a door with two blue arrows pointing opposite directions.  Use kinesis to slide the arrows the direction they are pointing.  Now fly forward and activate the blue screen.

Things keep blowing up around here.  When you gain control of Isaac (which is sooner than you will probably think), you will have to dodge the oncoming debris as you chase the box with the yellow lights on the corners.

After you reach the box and slow it down Chapter 2 will end.

Chapter 3

Use your navigation locator to find you objective and boost towards it.  You’ll see a giant “UD-24” written above the door you are supposed to go to, if you’re having trouble navigating your way.  When you get to the door use kinesis to open it up.

The door on your right should exit the airlock.  Go through it and to the right you should find some ammo.  Grab what you need, then return past the door you came in and go through the door on your left.  In this room, there is a switch that you can use kinesis on to open the cargo door.

Go out the door you came in and take a left.  One of the survivors has been injured and needs medical attention, in the interim you are to go look for Ellie’s distress signal.  Follow your locator and open the door.  There’s not much in this room, head forward to the next door and open it up.

In this room, head to the closed door and use kinesis to pick up the glowing blue battery from next to the door.  Place the battery in the generator to the right of the bench on the right hand side of the room.  After activating the power, use the bench next to the battery to upgrade your guns and make supplies.

Facing the door you just unlocked, the right hand ladder will lead you to a couple supply boxes with health and ammo.  The left hand ladder doesn’t have supplies, but the lockers behind the ladder do.  Now go through the door you just opened.

Nothing in this room.  Take the door on your right.  Note the creepy noises (how could you not) and go through the door straight ahead.  Here you will be attacked by three slashers.  Not much room maneuver, so try to shoot them down as fast as you can.  After they are dead, stomp on the bodies to get some supplies.

There are two boxes with a glowing blue symbols in their center, use kinesis to pull those boxes away from the door.  Open the door and enter the room.  In here, grab supplies from the two lockers directly in front of you and the supply cabinet, next to the projector screen.

Head up the stairs and be ready for a slasher to bust through the vent at the top of the far staircase.  When he pops out, put a couple bullets in him to put him down.  A second slasher will start moving up the stairs you did not come up.  Keep your distance and shoot him down.  Grab the supplies from their bodies and go down the stairs.  There’s a supply cabinet directly in front of you and an artifact directly to your left in from of the seating.  Exit out the door to your right as you were coming down the stairs.

As you open the door you will see the tail of a leaper.  Don’t worry, there are no leapers in here, just three slashers, hanging out on the ceiling.  Slowly enter the room and spot the green lumps attached to the ceiling.  Shoot one down and kill it at a time.  If you hold your ground and don’t run forward you should wake the others up.  After you kill all three, collect their drops.  At the end of the hall, another slasher will burst through the wall.  Shoot him quickly, collect the supplies at this end of the room (a green box to the right of the where the stalker burst the wall, a cabinet on the wall opposite, and a supply cabinet to the left of the door you will exit through), and exit through the door to the left of where the slasher busted in.

Head down the ladder, things will sound pretty rough back where you left the crew.  Exit the ladder shaft to a room with a series of propellers.  Press the left joystick to disconnect from the ground and float.  As you head toward the first propeller three crawlers will burst into the room.  You can strafe really well while floating, so weave to and fro to avoid getting hit.  Locate the crawlers by the ends of their tentacles that will glow red and shoot them.  After they are dead they will float to the ceiling.

Continue to the end of the hall and open the door on your left.  This room contains a text log and ammo clip.  Pick them up, then continue up the blue ladder.  Use the supply cabinet to your left, then open the door.

Isaac will talk about powering up the ship.  To kickstart the generator, like he’s talking about, aim at the blue arrows pointing down, and use kinesis to drag them down into place.  Then aim at the blue circle in the center and use kinesis to charge it.  After starting the first part of the generator, two wasters will attack you from either side.  Shoot one down and keep going that direction to keep your distance.  There will also be a crawler, but the wasters are most important.

Do the same routine to start the second and third parts of the generator.  After the second, nothing will come.  After the third, two wasters will attack from your right.  Keep your distance and use stasis to avoid being hit. After the generator is fixed, return to the enters and active the blue screen by the three computer panels.

After activating the generator, two crawlers will leap above you.  Run away and get some distance or they will drop down on top of you.  Then turn back, locate them using their orange tentacle tips, and shoot them from a distance.  Exit using the elevator to the right.  You will be reunited with Ellie and Chapter 3 has ended.

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