Dead Space 3 Guide (Chapter Thirteen)

Time to break the news to Ellie.  Don’t worry, I’m sure she’ll take it well. You can check out the building on the right. Kickstart the generator with kinesis so you can use the bench if you wish and grab supplies from the cabinet on the wall. Exit and follow Carver.

Oh, maybe Ellie isn’t gonna take this well.  Just walk away from this one, Isaac. Use the consoles nearby to shoot grappling hooks up the mountain. Take a little while to experiment with the climbing controls.  Getting over to an edge and using the left trigger will help you jump gaps.  Start heading upwards and you’ll eventually have to dodge ice chunks falling from above.  You can probably just maneuver out of the way here. Then you’ll be at a second cliff and repeat the process. A little more difficult, but generally the same thing.

Follow the path at the top here after Ellie finishes lamenting her dead douche bag boyfriend. At the end of the path you will find ladder you can drop down by holding down kinesis which will lead into the cave. There’s a couple of tents here with supplies in them, take what you need and continue deeper into the caverns.  Soon you’ll spot a waster. Attacking one will a slew of wasters and slashers, so grab a good vantage point a prep yourself.  Some will come from behind you, use stasis and backpedal to give until you can keep them in front of you. After the tunnels are clear grab the supplies and continue, be ready for any rogue surprise wasters that pop up from the gorund

Soon after getting outside you should see a cage. After another chat look up and to the left, then use your kinesis on the blue gear until the cage is free. Continue up the moutain and kill the lurkers that come down after you. Eventually, some wasters will show up, watch out as there are some behind you. Keep going and you’ll reach another cave, continue to find another grappling station.

This climb you will have to start jumping the gap in the middle.  Leap over the gap to avoid the plummeting rocks, there’s not much help maneuvering as the rocks fall much faster. Also keep an eye on them as they can bounce around on their way down.  Toward the top, things get a little trickier as there is even less time to dodge.  There’s some lurkers on the way up, but you can probably just get by them if you keep moving.

You’ll have another conversation with Ellie then head into another cave. The path to the left here has some good supplies, so its a worthwhile stop.  Then take the path to the right.  An exploder will trigger a bumrush of their kind mixed with slashers.  Again, there’s guys coming from behind, so I suggest after triggering them, you backtrack to their spawn point to keep them in front of you.   After their dead, take the left path first again to grab a scavenger bot and an artifact.  Then head to exit the cave.

More chit-chat. Then go right to find a working bench, use it if need be and grab the supplies around it, then head to the grappling station.

This climb is a bit of a pain in the ass.  On the right side, book it up the cliff to the left corner, then hop over to the left side altogether.  Use stasis on the slab of rock coming down on you and the swinging cage.  Swing over to the right hand side and use stasis on another giant brick of mountain coming down on you.  Now book it up the rest of the way.

Keep heading up and watch out for the pukers and slashers that will attack before long.  There’s more supplies to you left, and then you should soon see another ladder ladder.  Use kinesis on it, then climb up.

Start up the generator using kinesis, then you’ll talk to Santos. Then check out the control box, where there is a puzzle.  Flip the bottom lever and then the 4th lever. That was easy.  Now use the winch to bring up the crew.

Snowbeat is back for round three!  But this time it’s all or nothing.  There will probably be a few slashers around, so take them out first.  Start taking out the snowbeast like before, then Carver will point out two harpoons and a generator.  Up on a ledge is the generator to start everything up.  Use stasis on the snow beast to give yourself some time.  Now go provide some live bait so the snowbeat walk in between the harpoons.

The harpoons will automatically trigger.  Now, follow the right wall to find a console.  Use kinesis to reel the harpoon cables and rip that son of mother in half.  Grab supplies from the beast and any surrounding supplies you need.  Use the grappling station and head to the next chapter.

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