Dead Space 3 Guide (Chapter Ten: Part Two)

Santos will send you out on another fetch quest (apparently her legs don’t work).  Take the elevator back down, take a left on the way out, then take another left to take an elevator up.  Follow the locator to the lift and take it down. Now take another elevator down.

You’ll see a bunch of Unitologists commit suicide as you come out of the elevator.  Man, their cult looks like fun.  Continue backtracking until you come to another elevator.  Now head straight and follow the walkway right.  This will lead you to another elevator.

As the door opens, a feeder will run.  Follow him and take the elevator here.  You will see three stalkers who scatter as you approach.  Stalkers will run wildly around, hiding behind large objects.  Then, after giving a screech, they will charge you with their hard heads, looking to knock you senseless.

Move slowly forward, until you spot them scampering around.  Back up and ready a weapon.  Be patient, as they will take their time hunting you.  When you hear the screech, ready yourself and shoot them when they are at point blank range with the toughest shot you have.  When they go down, put an extra bullet or two in them to make sure they stay that way.  There will be two hiding behind the first few crates you come to, then a third shortly after the crane.

Keep going, as you follow the ledge a leaper will attack you, followed by another stalker.  Eventually, there will be some lights to your left.  Head toward them  and take the elevator.

There’s a text log to the table on the right in this room.  Further to the right is a torque bar door.  Use it to load up on some supplies, then use you locator the find the dark hallway you need to head down.

Follow this to an elevator.  At the top of the elevator there is a series of boxes.  When you see this it almost always mean, “Stalkers”.  There’s a nice corner to the right of you that allows you to see almost the entire area.  Camp here and listen for the screeches.  When you hear it, ready your weapon, and shoot the bastards at point blank range.  When they are all clear, clean up the supplies and head for the EEI terminal directly across from your camping spot.

Solve the puzzle and take the elevator down.  There’s some supplies immediately to the left.  Grab them and then follow the walkway.  Stand right where the walkway was ruined and you’ll see some gears to the left.  Use kinesis on the gears to pull up a lift below.

Climb down the ladder and take a right to find the first piece needed.  Now head to the cage to find the second piece.  Backtrack and head the table on the far end of the walkway.  Now you should have all three pieces.

Head back up the ladder, through the door, and up the elevator.  Oh, look who’s back.  The same routine with the snowbeast.  Shoot the tails, get outta the way, and then shoot the tentacles when they come out the front.  Do this three times and you are all done.

Take the elevator down with all the flares by it.  Use the bench to assemble the probe.  Check for supplies and in the little office you will find an artifact.  Then go back up the elevator.

Use the locator to find the elevator that will take you back to Santos. Keep using your locator to get to her.

When you come out of the elevator into the cold, two swarm controlled Unitologists will come running toward you.  Kill the host, then the parasite and continue down.  Then you will be attacked by two more, including a suicide bomber, who you need to be sure to take out before he gets close.  You’re in the clear now, so haul it the rest of the way to the elevator.

When you come out of the elevator there will be a text log directly in front of you.  Pick it up and continue through the halls.  Take the elevator up to the next level.

Follow the walkway back around and go down the elevator that brought you up here, next to the EEI terminal.  When you come out at the bottom, follow the path down to the room with the drill.  Two slashers and a swarm controlled waster will come after you.  Shoot them down and use the bench if you need to.

Continue through the doors that will lead you back to Santos, use the locator if you get lost.  Take the elevator, then the lift up.  You’ll see a swarm hop into a host right outside the lift.  Shoot it down, then watch out for the puker that will try to flank you.  There are two swarm controlled Unitologists, so stay down and in cover.  Take them out, then kill the hosts and watch out for a puker that will try to rush you.  Clear the room, grab supplies, and take the elevator down.  This is the end of Chapter Ten.

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