Dead Space 3 Guide (Chapter Six)

Head to Aft Station to get to the shuttle.  Enjoy a nice quiet and safe train ride and exit to the engineering and repair station.  The room on the left is a supply room, with a couple green boxes, a military engine, and a torque bar.  You should have been able to make a torque bar by now, which gets you access to supply rooms.  If you haven’t been making them, now is a good time to start.

Return back into the room you arrived at and go through the right door.  Two of the regenerating slashers will attack you.  Use stasis on them and go through the door.

In this next room you will find the shuttle.  There’s a locker on the far end of the hall here.  After you open it, take the elevator down.  Once down here, the leapers and the exploders won’t stop coming.  Stay your ground for a bit, taking out the leapers as they come across, but eventually you will have to run in, grab the part from the shelves on the left, and haul ass up the ladder.  When you get up the ladder, go right, and get on the elevator as fast as you can.

After you get off the elevator, return back toward the door you came in through.  There’s a cage here that will take you across to the other side of the room.  Kill the leapers/exploders still around, get on the cage and go across the room.

Once you cross the room, take a left.  An exploder will pop out behind you, shoot him, and continue left.  In the nook to the left side, at the end of this hall, you will find two supply boxes and a gun part.  Return back and take the elevator on the left, don’t stop the exploders will just keep coming.

One part is right in front of you.  Run forward, grab it and head left up the ramp.  Here you will find the final piece to the ship.  Return up the elevator and use the workbench to assemble the part needed as you should finally have some peace and quiet.

Now take the cage to the ship’s hatch.  Open the hatch, using kinesis and insert the remote. Unfortunately, the shuttle needs fuel. Take the cage back to the right.

Exit the cage and take the elevator back down to the lower level.  Take a right and go through the door here, then climb up the ladder.  Go straight ahead, following the ramp down and the elevator up.  If you wait around too long, four wasters will attack you, two from across the bridge on your left and two from the level above.

After you take the elevator up, grab supplies from the green box, the two lockers, and if you exit the door on the far side of the room you will find more supply boxes.  Return back to the refueling room and activate the terminal.  Now use kinesis to attach the fuel nozzle.

Once the nozzle is attached, wasters will attack you from both sides (about five in total).  Keep your head on a swivel and try to keep space between you and them using stasis.  When they’re dead, collect the drops, and activate the refueling process.

Did you order original recipe Issac, or extra crispy?  Equip your most powerful gun and take the elevator down. Wait for the engines to stop shooting fire, then cross them. As you do, two wasters will be coming toward you.  Blast them at close range and keep running.  Another waster will come at you, but hopefully he’s caught in the rocket at the top of the ramp.  Also, a regenerater will attack you.  Blast a limb off him and put him in stasis.  Then run past the rocket when you get a chance and make for the ladder to the left.  There’s a med pack right by the ladder that is easy to pick up on your way out.

Go down the ladder and open the door.  There is a rocket right in front of you so wait for it to subside.  Then run and call the elevator slightly to your right.  While waiting for the elevator, you will see a regenerater coming up the ramp to the left through the fire.  Take his arms off to give him pause, then get on the elevator.

At the top check you left for a regenerater.  If one is there, blow off a limb and put him in stasis.  If one isn’t there, he will be soon.  Take a right and wait as fire will bust of the wall on your right and a waster will come with it.  Shoot the waster and if you hug the railing, you should be able to cross in front of the flames.  Call the cage and hold your ground, taking off limbs of regeneraters and putting them in stasis.

Take the cage to the other side of the hanger bay.  Take a left, then take the elevator down.  Once off the elevator, take the left side ramp down.  Be careful as fire will come up from the ground, then take the door on the left.

In this room, wait for the fire to subside, then cross.  Check the two lockers and then head for the
elevator door.  Get off the elevator and hop in the big gun to your right.  As red explosive containers jam the gears shoot them.  You will also have to shoot the necromorphs that drop from the ceiling, but be aware that sometimes shooting the explosive barrels will clear the area of all necromorphs.

Eventually, you will open a space vacuum and be pulled outside.  Fly toward your objective, if you get any mines on you (as you likely are), do a sharp turn around a large object to detonate them and keep safe.  Don’t take your finger off of the boost button here.

Go under the sign that says “Personnel Docking Bay” and then fly up.  Land where it says “Emergency Cradle Access”.  Go right, then take another right, across from where it reads, “Airlock” is your shuttle.  Get in and take it to the C.M.S Greely.  Once you reach the Greely, the chapter will end.

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