Dead Space 3 Guide (Chapter Seven)

Exit the shuttle and use your navigation locator to find your objective.  Fly to the top of the engine where you will find three panels with blue lights in the center.  Use kinesis to move these panels. Then use it again on the blue circles to release the connectors. Finally, use kinesis to slide the engine out for salvage.  Now return to your shuttle.

Go back to the Roanoke and exit the shuttle. Head for the satellite and be sure to lose and mines you have tailing you before you get there.  Simply press the action button to recover the piece needed.  Keep an eye open for the light blue oxygen tanks floating around out here.  You’ll need one pretty quick.

Now you need two more.  You will see the Roanoke in a giant circle.  Go straight through the middle of that circle, then curl left around the spire to lose any mines you have tailing you.  Continue circling around the spire and you should see the second satellite.

If you scan space, you will see the sliver of a moon, floating over Tau Volantis.  To the left of that sliver there is the third satellite floating about.  There shouldn’t be any mines in your way this time, but move fast.

Now its time to find a bench.  Use your locator to find the objective.  Head that direction until you see the ship you fixed up on the landing pad.  On the opposite end of the bridge that would connect to the landing pad is the airlock.  There should also be some oxygen tanks around here if you are running low.

Go through the airlock and take a right.  Go through the door, down the hall, then through another door on the left.  Down the stairs and to the left you should find a work bench.  Use the bench to constructed the needed flight recorder.

Return back out into space and use your navigation locator.  Now fly to the hatch of your patchwork ship and use kinesis to open the hatch.  Use the action button on the blue terminal and you will be good to go.  Now fly to the side of the ship and enter through the door.

Once inside, Issac will note that the, “something-something” isn’t working correctly. Walk to the back of the ship and use kinesis you pick up the tanks here and slide them into place.  Then use kinesis again to lock them down.

Walk to the cockpit and activate the launch using the blue terminal.   You will guide the ship on course with the left analogue stick and use the right analogue stick to fire the cannon and take out the mines, firing with the left trigger.

About halfway down the “something-something”s will be out of place again.  Return to the back of the ship and replace the tanks back into the holes, and lock them into place again.

When you are back in the pilot’s seat you will have to steer through the icy cliffs of Tau Volantis.  Maneuver around the cliffs and shoot down whatever peaks you can.  By the end of this everyone will be blown from the ship and you’ll be on your own.  Welcome to the frozen tundra of Tau Volantis.  .

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