Dead Space 3 Guide (Chapter One: Part Two)

That pile of dead bodies looked pretty comfy, didn’t it?  First things first, run forward and grab some health.  Now give yourself some space from the wasters that are pounding at the glass.  Once the glass is shattered take down the two wasters, aiming for their limbs first.  When they are dead, smash up their bodies and grab some supplies.  There are a couple cabinets in the next room near the exit, grab their supplies and head through the door.

In the next room there are a handful of supply crates to your left.  Approach them carefully as a waster necromorph is waiting to jump up from the ground.  When he does, blast him with your plasma cutter and grab the supplies from the cabinet.

Head to the far end of the room, but be ready to back track when you attract three waster necromorphs.  Backpedal as you shoot them, keeping a wide berth between you and their grubby paws.  Retreat all the way to the door you came in if you have to.  Once their dead, smash their bodies for some supplies.

In the two labs rooms in the back you will find two more supply cabinets.  Now take the elevator down.  In the desk to your immediate right you will find an artifact.  There’s a couple more green supply boxes, but that is all that is here.  Exit using the door to your right.

In this room you will find a bunch of supplies littered around.  Grab what you need and head through the door by the talking mascot.  In this street market you will get a couple slashers with more wasters (about 6 or 7 in total).  Lure them out by slowly approaching the far wall.  When they climb up, start to back track.  Circle around the street stand in the middle of the area to keep moving.  After they are dead, loot the bodies.

After passing a Midnight Sun machine on the right, a lurker will be waiting for you around the corner.  Kill it and run past its corpse, then down the stairs.  Here you will see a slasher trying to reach its prey.  Shoot the slasher in the back a few times to kill it.  Then continue down the stairs.

In the office next to the elevator door, there is another slasher waiting.  Use stasis on it, then give it a few good shots to take it down.  Now take the elevator down.

On the same wall as the elevator door you come out of, there are four lockers.  Three immediately to your right and one more further down the wall.  Raid them for their contents, then turn your attention to the engine.

Facing the same direction you entered, use your kinesis to pull the engine (on the left) to the center platform.  Once the engine is in place, the platform will rotate.  Move the engine off of the platform and it will rotate again.  Now move the battery car on to the center platform and when it rotates it will power the engine.

Board the train on the back and when you can, head through the door.  Kill the two soldiers on this train car and climb up the ladder.  Run to the end of the train car and shoot the Unitologist soldier.  Then climb down, loot his body, and climb up the next ladder.  Use your plasma cutter here to take out the two soldiers quickly.  Then run to the end of the car and Isaac will jump on the shuttle.  After a quicktime sequence, you will be pulled aboard and Chapter one will end.

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