Dead Space 3 Guide (Chapter Nine)

They left Buckle here to die!?  That’s cold Ellie, no pun intended.  Well, can’t cry over spilt milk.  Turn around and head back toward the door you came in  You should see a doorway on your right.  Enter here and follow the doorways until you find a room with a workbench.

After using the workbench, start the generator with kinesis, then use kinesis to grab a gear off of the wall to the right.  On your way back to the elevator right next to the corpse of Buckle, the snowbeast will make another appearance.  He just seems to think he owns the place.  Once you reach the elevator, place the gear in between the two remaining to fix it.

Now head down to the basement, and we all know nothing bad has ever happened in a basement.  Once out of the elevator, go through the door to your right where you will see a feeder who will scurry away before you can shoot him.  Take a right and grab some supplies on the counters here.  Now back track and follow the feeder.

Head through the room with the bodies hanging from the ceiling and through the door.  As you turn the corner you will see a small group of feeders eating something. Don’t be deceived, where there is one feeder, there are another twenty around somewhere.  Shoot these guys, then watch the vent to the left of them, also watch your flank as the love to sneak up on you.  After you clear the room, be sure to grab supplies from their bodies.  There should also be some supply lockers to the left and right of the venter the feeders came through.

Now head through the exit.  In the next room you will find another personal log from Sam Ackerman.  There is also a supply box.  Check both out, then head through the door.

Immediately you will see more feeders.  Shoot the first one, then go back through the door.  Pop out to kill a couple and watch out for any that jump up behind you, then enter the room.  Go through the doorway on your left and back into the corner of the room so you can easily swivel between the doorway and the feeders.  After you kill the two in the center, feeders will drop down from the ceiling  and come through the doorway.

After killing the feeders, grab their drops and head through the doorway on the far side of the room.  Then exit out of the door on the right.

There’s an artifact in the room to the right.  Grab it and head through the door at the end of the main hall.

In the next room, take the ladder down.  Use kinesis on the generator here.  Twist the middle circle once, the top once, and the bottom once.  Then use the terminal in front of you.  Once the machine starts working, wait a couple moments for a couple of feeders to come through and get smashed by the machine.  Wait for the pump on the machine to retract then run down the tunnel and take a right.

At the end of the tunnel you will find a stasis recharge machine.  Use it, if need be, then go back to the door you came in through. Wait for the pump to retract, then hit it with stasis and run down the tunnel, taking a left this time.  Go to the end of this hall and turn around.  See those two vents?  Feeders will come pouring out of there soon.

First take care of the circuit puzzle.  Turn the top left circuit once, top twice, bottom right once, the bottom twice, and the bottom left once.  Now activate the terminal and wait for the feeders to come through the vents.

Once the feeders are done and you have collected their drops, use stasis on the machine, run down the tunnel, and duck out to the left.  At the end of the hall, head up the ladder.  Grab some supplies from the lockers, then follow the walkway to a control room.  In here, grab a couple more things lying on the control panel and go through the door on your left.

Use the suit kiosk to select the Arctic Survival suit.  Now head to the door, where you will be allowed to proceed, since you have the right suit.  Take the elevator back up, use the bench if you have to, and go out the door you came through.

Three slashers are waiting for you out here.  Kill them and use your navigational locator.  Soon you will see a barricade up ahead.  Again they will scan you for a Arctic Survival suit and you can head through the door.  Follow the snow blown path here, use you navigational locator to stay on track.  Just as you get to some equipment, a waster will jump out at you.

Keep heading forward.  You will see a ladder on your left.  Stop here and shoot the waster lying on the ground.  Another waster will pop up and come after you.  Shoot them down and collect their drops, also the boxes of supplies as well.

Now head up the ladder and go forward.  Take a left when you can and head toward the crane.  The whole thing will start to fall apart.  Follow the quicktime instructions here.  After it comes down, keep heading forward.

Follow the path down and into the caves.  To the left there are two supply boxes with a slasher waiting to jump up and surprise you.  Continue heading down, but be ready for another slasher to jump out.  After the one jumps out, wait for another slasher to come running through the caves.

When you reach the bottom, head to the elevator across the opening.  You’ll run into Carver here and then radio Ellie.  Go through the door next to the elevator and start the generator.  Now you can use the bench and the suit kiosk.  Prep yourself, you got a big battle coming up.

Exit the room and take the lift.  The snow beast will jump you here.  Time to go fist-a-cuffs.  This guy, really isn’t too bad.  You have to blast this back tentacles first. Watch out, when you shoot a back tentacle off the big guy will charge.  Shoot off all three back tentacles and the snowbeast will grow tentacles out of his front.  Use stasis and shoot those front tentacles.  Do this twice and you’ll beat him.

After the snowbeast is gone, head up the newly created ramp.  Go up the ladder and follow the walkway.  Take the elevator up and go through the door.  Up the ladder is a gun part and a text log, if you grab those return back down and go through the doorway to elevator on the right.

Take this down and follow your navigational locator to another elevator.  Take a right and head through another door to find Ellie.  There will be a “Come at me, bro” fight between Isaac and Ellie’s boyfriend.  When the cutscene is over so is the chapter.

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