Dead Space 3 Guide (Chapter Fourteen)

Grab the supplies laying around if you need to, then head up the ladder.  Of course, Isaac can’t make it.  Thus, start up the path and grabs the supplies down the right side of the split if you need them, if you don’t keepleft. Once you are past the gate, you’ll see something scamper away.  Follow this figure and you will find a door.

Go inside the building.  Nothing but dead around here, except, oh look there’s Danik.  Good to know he’s still around.  Now head up the hill and enter the building after completing the puzzle here.

Get your fastest weapon ready and slowly go forward.  The little swarm will start coming after you.  Drop them and the wasters that they will bury themselves into.  There might also be some wasters that come through the vents.  Once the room is clear you can use the suit kiosk, the work bench, and gather supplies in the hallway.

Now take the only elevator in the hallway and follow the path it takes you to until you reach the decontamination chamber.  Now Enter the Lab and you will find Ellie and Carver waiting for you  The left will lead you to a med kit, if you’re running low.

Ellie will explain the Rosetta samples are needed.  Again it seems like you’re the only one with working legs.  The first sample is on the far wall past Carver.  Use the computer and grab the sample, and put it in the vacuum machine. One down.

Ellie will now provide a key to the rest of the lab and explain that four more samples are needed.  Return the way you came and use your navigation locator to find the door marked Biology.

Upon enter you will see a significant amount of growth and don’t miss the little spitter on the floor.  Head forward and Ellie will chat you up.  Keep an eye out for the little spitter mines, especially the guy around the corner, but there are also some supplies in here so keep stocking up.  Eventually, you will find a gas computer, but it is offline.  Head into the room across the little office and grab the text log.  Now take the elevator down.  There will be a couple lurkers waiting for you, but you can’t really do anything about them until you are at ground level.

Take out the lukers when you can, then you will have another fuse breaker puzzle.  Solve the puzzle, but be ready as wasters will be coming through the vents on either side of you.  To solve the puzzle make sure the switches are in this order from the top down: Left, left, right, right, left, right.

Now take out those wasters.  You might need to use a little stasis.  Now take the elevator back up and be ready for another waster to bust out of the vent on the right.  Return to the hallway and use the computer to take out the growth.

Now head through the door on the right.  Grab a med pack to the left of the next door and then enter the neurology wing.  In here there is a leaper waiting for you.  There’s also an audiolog in here.  After listening to the audio log, go to the back of the room and you will see a guardian.  Blast off its tentacles and take out any necromorphs it produces.  These bugs will be looking for wasters, which really makes this a pain in the butt.  Then collect the drops.

Gather whatever supplies to you need, also there is an artifact in the corner.  Next to the guardian is a piece of Rosetta.  On the way out a handful of wasters will attack you.  You can retreat back to where you found Rosetta and mix up your strongest weapon with some stasis.  Once they are clear, put Rosetta in the vacuum by the entrance and send her on back to Ellie.

Now return back to the main hallway and use the cargo lift to the left.  This will lead out to a walkway.  There will be all sorts of comforting noises.  Continue and be ready to be attack by a few slashers, which will jump down in front of you.  Keep moving forward as two more slashers are coming from behind.

There’s some supplies in the next room and Danik will want to talk.  Use kinesis on the panel to the right of the door to open it.  In the next room there are some lockers and an upgrade circuit, also a key for an optional mission.  There is also a torque room, that will lead to a punch of goodies.

Now go up the elevator to a catwalk.  There’s a bunch of feeders around here, so be ready to get surrounded.  I advise booking it to the elevator and using stasis and a wide spread weapon to take out as many as possible as they bottleneck.

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