Dead Space 3 Guide (Chapter Fifteen)

It is time to put Rosetta back together.  Should be a snap right.  Oh wait, maybe not.  Stand on the same side of Rosetta from when enter the room. From left to right the pieces will be numbered 1-9.  First take piece #2 and move it where piece #8 is.  Now move #3 to where #7 is.  Move #6 to #3, then go back and grab what is now #6 and move it to #3, then move #5 to #6.  Sorry, that can get confusing.

Now use the console to the right side of Rosetta, facing the same way to came in.  Now Danik will come and ruin everything.  When you get control of Isaac, don’t worry about taking damage, just book it to the elevator.  Once in the elevator you will have to perform a quicktime sequence to close the door.

You have to leave Ellie behind.  Try to keep it together and not cry.  I said don’t…okay, cry if you need to, but at least hit the pause button to do it.

Once the elevator opens up, start hoofing it down the hall again and keep to the left until you get the an elevator.  Here you say goodbye to Carver and continue on alone.

To your left there is another handful of supplies.  Take the exit and Craver will give you an update on Danik.  Follow the path here and watch out for the Unitologists with rockets launchers.  Keep rolling and bum rush these guys.  You will then enter a cargo area with more soldiers and stalkers.  Let the stalkers do as much dirty work as possible and keep your head on a swivel to make sure none end up behind you.

Take the elevator here up to the next area.  Here a gunship it watching out for you so use any obstacles you can to stay hidden and then book it through the gap in the destroyed wall.  Two soldiers are to the left, try to get the drop on them and grab the supplies to need before heading through the door up ahead.

More supplies are in here grab what you need and head back outside to find more supplies.  Keep heading forward and soon a group of slashers will attacked.  Soon a unitologist will show up and again, if you can find a hideout, its good to let these guys argue amongst themselves and conserve your health.  Make sure to take out the soldiers up above and head out.

Make for the door and be ready as soldiers are coming up behind you with rocket launchers.  Try to take them out quick as twitchers are not far behind.  You can use the truck here for cover from the rockets, as you draw the twitchers to you.

Use the console to open the door and you will be able to grab some supplies in here.  This will end Chapter Fifteen.

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