Dead Space 3 Guide (Chapter Eleven and Chapter Twelve)

Chapter Eleven

Use the bench, then take the elevator next to it back up.  Take a right and follow the walkway to a giant harpoon gun, activated by a blue terminal.  Use kinesis on the harpoon.  Run around to the other side and do the same thing.  Now get in the cage to be lowered into the beast.

Exit the elevator and arm the probe gun.  Head to the right and aim the gun at the ceiling.  It will start beeping fast.  Fire a probe into it and run back to the cage you came in.  Get in the cage and the small door will bottleneck the shadow feeders.  Blast them away.

This time take a left with the probe gun out and scan the right wall.  Shoot this nerve cluster.  This time no feeders will come.  Keep going deeper in the Nexus, and you’ll spot the last cluster on your left.  Again, fire a probe into it and book it back to the cage for protection.

Once they are clear, Ellie’s douchey boyfriend will pull you back up.  Then he will leave you in the cage.  Nice guy.  Use kinesis on the lever for the cage, you will have to press and then hold the kenisis button.  Now head back to the elevator.

Follow your locator back to the furnace room and this time head to the door on your left.  Grab the supplies in this room, use the bench, and then take the elevator.  The jackass zealot and Ellie’s stupid boyfriend have teamed up to really screw Isaac over.  They’ll do nothing but hit you with the butt of their guns a lot.  After Isaac is done being a hero Chapter 11 is over.

Chapter Twelve

Grab some cover directly in front of you and keep your gun trained straight ahead.  Soldiers will be coming in front the right take down however many you can.  Stand your ground as long as you can, but soon the Nexus will come, and it’s pissed!

Dodge the large arms the monster will try to smash down on you.  Rolling out of the way is the best strategy here.  Then shoot the red pods that the monster spits out.  Whatever you don’t shoot will become a feeder.

In the Nexus’ chest you will see a yellow pod.  Blast this pod with your most powerful weapon.  It may take a few tries, but eventually the monster will cry out in pain.  Then it will try to suck you in.  Aim for one of the yellow pods in its mouth and shoot it.  A couple shots and the monster will release you.

Now start the process over again.  Dodge the arms, shoot the red pods, shoot the feeders, shoot the yellow chest, then blast the yellow areas of the mouth.  After this round, the monster will suck you in and spit you out with a group of feeders.

Shoot the feeders, then the Nexus will shoot out the red pods.  Keep doing what you have been doing, when there are no yellow marks to shoot in the creatures mouth, it will suck you inside.

This is gross.  Inside the creature’s stomach, aim for the clusters of yellow nodes and shoot them.  Watch out for the red things swimming at you, you can shoot them to avoid being hit, but they are annoying more than anything.  After you shoot all of the yellow nodes, the monster will vomit you up and die.

Now Ellie’s boyfriend is being a whole new version of dick.  Do the quicktime sequence to save yourself.  Then follow Carver around the ledge of this cliff.  This will end Chapter Twelve.

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