Dead Space 3 Guide (Chapter Eighteen)

At the start of the chapter there will be a few supplies, weapon parts, and upgrades to your right.  Grab what you need and ascend the ramp to your left.  Now take the right path and head toward the work bench.  There are some wasters that will attach you, make special note of one that pops up from behind.  To the right of the bench there is a text log to grab.  Head down the ramp and use kinesis to activate the generator.

This will activate a loud speaker.  Head back to the top of the ramp by where you started and now take the left hand path.  As you descend the ramp a couple wasters will drop down and two more will be coming from behind.  Take out the two in front as quickly as possible, then handle the ones coming from behind.

You will need the following code to open the door, it is written on the floor.  I was trying to post them, but they won’t format right.

Head through the door and take a left.  Go through the door at the end here and you will enter a large room.  Get read for some necros, because they are coming.  First, you will get about 10 stalkers, with a handful of wasters joining them.  Handle the wasters first and try to listen for the stalkers call, to catch them attacking you.  This is good spot to use a ton of stasis.  When you have cleared the room head through tunnel on the far side of the room.

Continue down this path, past the console to open the door to find an artifact. Now return to the door and enter the code on the floor, beside the console.

Go through the door and ascend the ramp.  Here, run to the green circle and you will be shot forward.  Again, dodge the debris and attacking lurkers to reach the destination safely.

Once you have lande, head down the ramp.  In the room ahead you will be in for a stalker-fest, so prep yourself.  Upon entering the room and taking a right you will see a spitter mine.  Shoot it and the stalkers will start pouring out.  Retreat to the little corridor you came in through to make sure you keep these guys in front of you.  Then lure them out, stasis them, and blow them away.  Always falling back to the first entrance, to make sure you aren’t getting blindsided.  After clearing the room, keep an eye out for more spitter mines.

Use kinesis to start the generator by the elevator.  There is also an audilog on the table to your left.  Now take elevator up.

In this room, you will have to rotate the four columns so that the touching ends are all the same. Head to the first column and a couple tentacles swinging about.  Take them out and rotate the column to your left twice.  This will cause a bunch of necromorphs to come pouring out of the woodwork.  Take them out and continue to the blue circle on the opposite end of the room.

Rotate the column on your far right (not the one in the middle) once.  Then the one to the far left twice.  Both circles have little platforms that you can run on to bottleneck the necromorphs.  This is really valuable to make sure you don’t get ganged up on.

Now if you run to the column on your left that you turned twice and look to where you entered, you will find another artifact.  Now go back to the elevator and you will see green panel to use.  Activate it, then take the elevator down.  Backtrack to where we landed, when we first got to this place and fly back, dodging anything dangerous again.

Upon landing, head down the ramp and go through the door.  Keep backtracking to where the chapter started.  Ascend the ramp and head to the right.  Go down the first ramp, to the right, and head through the door.

Now prep yourself for another brutal fight.  In sets of twos the alien necromorphs will bust into the room.  Take them out, one at a time (there will be a total of six), and don’t hesitate to use stasis.  Keep your head on a swivel because they like to sneak up on you.

Once they are all dead, collect the drops, and head through the door to be launched back to where we started this little escapade.

When you land you will see two Unitologists fighting an alien necromorph.  As you get close, two twitchers will come after you as well.  Let the alien necromorph stay occupied with the Unitologists, and lure the twichers close for the kill.  Now focus on the alien necromorph. After you defeat that one, they will come a second.  Take that one down too.  Now continue to the elevator and ride it up.

Return to the circle in front of the paintings on the wall.  Manipulate the columns so that it now matches the picture on the right.  Have the two columns in the centre cross over each other, and move the outer two in a straight upward position.

Once you have everything in the proper place, the green panel will light up.  Run up to it and activate it.  Now take the lift back down and take out the three twitchers.  Use the workbench if you need to, then run back up the ramp and launch yourself back to the room we just came from..

Once you have landed , go through the door at the bottom of the ramp.  Take a left and then enter the next room through the door on your right.  Now there are a handful of Unitologist waiting here.  Watch out, as sticking to cover makes you prime bait for rockets.  After the room is clear head for the door and you will get another batch of Unitologists coming after you.  Finish them off and head to the next room.

You will now see the statues in front of you shift about.  Isaac will comment on it, but he’s not very helpful.  Grab the green object that is now revealed, when the section of wall moved.  Pull it using kinesis and match it with the alien symbols noting the proper recess.

There’s two more.  Take the ramp to the left and use kinesis to take out the barrier.  Keep on the path and you will see another section of the wall has moved.  A few more Unitologists are waiting for you.  Shoot suicide one with the grenade in hand first.  Time is of the essence as another squad is coming up behind you, with a suicide bomber of their own.  After both squads are good and dead, grab the green statue and bring it back to where you placed the first.

Head back and take the right path this time.  Clear any Unitologists that are remaining and again, grab the green statue.  Bring it back and place it in the final slot to open the door.

Enter the door here and grab the audio log from the body lying near by.  Heard to the far side of the room and use the grapple station to climb up.  Watch out for the holes on the floor that shoot fire out.  You will see them start to light up at holes, closest to the spinning machine pieces.  When you see this, hop out of the way.  Hit the machines parts with stasis to slip through.

When you are through this, head to the blue console for a cutscene and the end of the chapter.

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