Dead Space 3 Guide (Chapter Eight)

It’s not the heat that will kill you, it’s the humidity.  But seriously, the cold will kill you, so be sure to keep an eye on the body temp gauge on your back.  If it dips below 20 you better be knocking on the door of somewhere warm.

Directly in front of you is a medium med pack and some ammo.  Grab these supplies, heal yourself and reload.  Hop from fire to fire, taking the time to get your body heat back up to 37 degrees celsius. Not only does each fire warm you, but it also lights your path.  By going from fire to fire you should be able to stay on course.

Eventually, you should be heading down a giant cliff.  Hang a right and some debris from the ship will start to fall on top of Isaac.  He will dive out of the way, but you will have to do a short quicktime sequence to avoid being crushed.

When you get back up, run forward until you see a fire to your right.  Warm yourself here then head toward the cliff and hang a left.  The path might be a little hard to see amongst all the rock, but if you keep searching, you will find it.  Keep going forward until you see the burning debris of the ship to your left.  Run here and warm yourself by the fiery wreckage.

Isaac will freak out when he sees a dead body, but its just the corpse of that guy who sucked.  So no one cares.  What you should care about is on the right side of the ship where Ellie has left you a voice message.  Looks like someone still wants a piece of the Isaac.  More importantly, she will tell you to follow the red flares that she left behind.  Red, like the color of love.

Follow the flares until you come to the edge of the cliff.  Here a giant, spider-like necromorph, know ‘round these parts as the “Snowbeast” will jump out at you and toss you down the mountain.

When the cutscene is over, go forward and you will see a red metal fence to the left.  If you go this direction you will find a little safe house.  Grab some supplies and a text log, kickstart the generator using kinesis.  After you heat up, venture back into the tundra.

Keep following the flares around to the other side of the structure on the left.  Here you will find a ladder.  Climb up the ladder and continue forward until you find another small station.  In here there will be another generator.  Again, use kinesis to start the generator and warm yourself.  This will trigger the snowbeast to climb over the station. But it will also provide some supply lockers and a bench.

Use the bench, grab the supplies, and head out the front door.  To the left there is an elevator waiting for you, hop on and ride it down.  Get off and head down the tunnel to your left.  The snowbeast will jump around here, being generally a pain in the ass, but he won’t hurt you.  Keep heading through the tunnel and when you come out the other side be ready to use your gun.

As you pass the first two giant support beams in the ground a slasher will jump down at you.  Blow him away and after a couple more steps, another duo of slashers will jump up from the snow.  Stasis might be a good idea here, then watch your left flank as you got another one coming in.

Don’t head toward that building on your right.  As you can see the center of the door isn’t glowing blue and you can’t open the door.  Head left, toward the red fence, but be ready for a puker about halfway there and a crawling slasher that is waiting around the red fence entrance.  Move carefully, but quick as your body heat may be extremely low here. Once inside, start the generator, grab the supplies and text log, then head through the door.

After taking a few steps outside, three slashers will coming running out of the windy snow.  Stand your ground and take them down, then keep pushing forward.  You will have to hang a left and go to the far side of this building to get to safety.  As you head that direction you will see the snow shifting on the ground as necromorphs move toward you underground.  Ready something powerful, or your stasis, because when they pop out it will be at point blank range.  Two slashers and a puker when you get close to the facility.  Then three more slashers when you are at the door.  Once you’re inside and pass through the airlock,  Isaac will find Buckle.  This will end Chapter Eight.

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