Dead Space 3 Guide (Chapter Five)

There’s a supply box in this room and a suit kiosk (because let’s face it, blue survival suits are so last traumatizing undead, alien experience).  After you have what you need, exit through the elevator on the left from where you came in.

There’s a corpse lying on the ground when the elevator door open, clearly a decorating choice.  But more importantly, there’s also a med pack. so grab that and head through the door on your left.

Take a left to find a green supply box, then backtrack right to find the audiolog. Go up the stairs to find a supply cabinet, then up the stairs again to find a text log.  Now use the blue panel at base of the second flight of stairs.  This is an old puzzle from the first two games, swivel the scanner with the left analogue stick until it glows blue, then hit the action button.  Do this three times and the system will be rewired.  Now exit out the door, up the stairs in the back of the room.

Nothing in this room, so go straight to the door.  There’s three supply boxes in here, so grab what you need then head down the ladder.  Grab the med pack that’s in the locker here, and exit out the door.

Sneak around the corner to the left here and four crawlers will attack you.  Use the corner for cover from their projectile attacks and shoot them down from a distance.  Turn around and follow the corridor to a green supply box and a hydraulic engine.  A slasher will try to surprise you from behind here, don’t let him get the drop on you.

Climb down the ladder where you shot all of those crawlers, looting as you go.  At the bottom of the ladder three slashers will attack you.  This is a good spot to use a touch of stasis, as they will be coming pretty fast and there is nowhere to run.  Grab the supplies they drop and descend down the second ladder.

Issac will find an old scavenger bot. Equip it using the weapon selection and follow the radar and deploy the bot.  Now head up the ramp to the right, when you came down the ladder.  Halfway up the ramp, two wasters with their torsos missing will bust through the vents on either side of you.  After they are dead, a crawler will sneak  up to the top of the ramp and shoot down at you.  After the room is cleared, collect their drops and go the ladder at the top of the ramp.

At the top of the ladder, an exploder will jump out of the vent.  Shoot the orange, glowing growth to take it out in one shot.  Never let these guys get close.  Take the next corner very slowly as a waster and exploder are waiting to jump out at you.  If you can time it right, shoot the exploder’s orange growth to take them both out.  Continue through the corridors, check the green supply box, and open the door.

In this room you will have swarm necromorphs who go inside of the corpses and reanimate them to be wasters.  Shoot the hosts (the wasters), but after you kill one, use stasis on the other and shoot the little bug-like creatures that burst from the body.  If you don’t kill these little guys, they will crawl up on you and lead to some really annoying quicktime sequences.

Once the room is cleared, use the bench, grab the text log on the table opposite the bench, and exit out the door.  A handful of the swarm necromorphs will burst through the vent.  Shoot the little guys on the floor, before they get too close.  Now aren’t you glad you got that scope?  Stop at the door here.

Open the door, but don’t go through it.  You will see a necromorph in this room with a giant, bloated stomach.  Shoot the stomach and when the necromorph dies, the swarm will come out of his stomach.  Shoot as many as you can before they can find a new host (seriously, how much do you love the scope now?).  If they get in a new host, just do the same thing.  Be careful, as a slasher is hanging out just outside the door to the left.  Continue to pick the necromorphs off from behind the door, letting the door close any time you need to reload.

Once the room is clear, enter and aim to the opposite corner of the room.  From there, another host of the swarm will wander out.  Shoot him and take out the little swarm when he goes down.  When you go over to the dead host, a waster and slasher will attack you from the front, while a second slasher flanks you.  Get on the move and take out the flanking slasher first.  Don’t hesitate to use stasis.

When the necros are dead, check the drops and numerous lockers and supply cabinets in this room.  Then go to the terminals next to the gears and try to call the tram.  Unfortunately, the tram is obstructed.  Exit out the door to the left of the terminals.

Go up the ladder and grab the supply box to the right.  Now go down the hall to the left very slowly, gun ready.  A few swarm will scurry ahead of you, shoot them before they can get close.  Around the corner a guardian will raise a few necromorphs (probably two wasters).  While she is raising the necromorphs, try to do as much damage to her as possible.  Then use stasis on the necromorphs to take them down.  Grabs the supply drops and take the elevator to the left of the guardian.

When you exit the elevator, grab the two green supply boxes.  Then listen to the audiolog on your right.  Descend the stairs and grab a couple more green supply boxes.  Then use the terminal to clear the tracks.

The terminal puzzle is not too difficult.  Simply rotate the left and right pieces of cargo using the respective analogue stick, then when you find how they fit together press a trigger.  There are six pieces in total and it should go a little something like this:

Cargo:          LEFT                     RIGHT

1st Pair:      UP                        DOWN

2nd Pair:    RIGHT                 DOWN

3rd Pair:       UP                           UP

4th Pair:    DOWN                   DOWN

5th Pair:     LEFT                     DOWN

6th Pair:      UP                         LEFT

After the tram tracks are cleared, load your weapon, top off your health, and run in the little area directly behind you.  Some pukers will come from either side of the room and shoot green acid at you.  But, bunking down in this area funnels them down the stairs, preventing you from being taken by surprise.  There’s no room to run down here, so be ready to use your stasis.

When the room is clear, recharge your stasis from the little wall mount on the right as you exit your bunker.  Collect any drops and use the bench to the right of the door you came in through.  You have to exit out of the door you came through, but be ready, a puker is waiting in the elevator for you.  Kill him and use the elevator.

Whoever built this ship is an idiot.  The broken elevator has sent you back down to the first floor.  Play the audiolog and go through the open door. In the next room an old comm message will talk about using the blades of dead slashers as ammo using kinesis.  It would be helpful if there wasn’t enough ammo around to kill every Unitologist twice over.  Check the green supply box to the left of the ladder, then climb said ladder.

There’s an artifact, directly to the right up here.  There’s also another green supply box.  After grabbing both, take the door directly in front of you.  Head up the ramp, shooting the puker that falls from above on your way up.  Then take the door on the left.

Remember this room from before?  Take the ladder to your left down and you will see a slasher with regenerating limbs.  So that’s cool.  Hit him with stasis and make a run for it up the ramp to your right.  On the way up two slasher will jump out at you, blast them away and head up the ladder.  At the end of this hall another slasher will come out of the vent on the left.  Shoot him and keep running.  Use kinesis to open the door.

While waiting for the door to open, turn around and shoot the regenerating monster (who has followed you) with another shot of kinesis.  Then run through the now opening door, where you will be safe for the moment.  Use the bench if you have to (you probably won’t) and go through the next door.

The regenerater will climb through the vent down the hall.  Blast his arms off and then hit him with a shot of stasis while you open the door.  Run into the next room and then to the tram terminal.  Shoot the half-dead slasher in front of the terminal and call the tram.

If you have been loading up on stasis and health, now is the time to use it.  While taking off the arms and using stasis on the big regenerator, watch for leapers that are coming out of the vents near the door you came in through, there will also be a couple of slashers that come from a vent near the tram terminal (about fiver leapers and two slashers).  The best thing to do is to weave through the pillars directly in front of the tram entrance (those two horizontal bars in the lower part of the room).  Weave through this area, using stasis, your most powerful weapon, and health.  When you hear “the tram will be arriving shortly”, you probably have about ten more seconds.  Once the tram arrives, don’t bother with supplies or honor, get on the tram and get out of there.

This the end of Chapter 5

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