Dead Space 3 Guide (Chapter Four)

There are supplies a-plenty in here, so snatch up as much swag as you can and use the bench to store your stuff.  After you are done, take the elevator back down and listen to Isaac and Ellie have a fight they could save for a time when they weren’t surrounded by undead alien monsters.

Upon getting out of the elevator, you will see a giant tentacle monster has decided to make the power generator his new home.  Use kinesis to kickstart the first part of the generator like you did before, pulling the blue part down, then activating the little blue circle.

This will hurt the monster who will attack you with his tentacle.  Shoot the bloated, glowing, middle of the monster’s tentacle.  When it explodes, head over to the next generator arm and  start it up.  This time three slashers will attack you, one from the left and two from your right.  Kill the left one first, so you can backpedal that way.  After the other two are dead, blast the tentacle and move to the last arm of the generator.  Start it up, blast the attacking tentacle in two, and take down the little crawler that will climb out of a vent to your right.

Make sure you have collected all of the supply drops from the necromorphs in this room, then head out the door to you right.  Take the ladder down and go through the right hand door.  Now that the vents are on, you will have to use stasis to slow the propellers down.  Float in the air and boost towards the propellers.  Use stasis on the first and float through, then on the second propeller and float through.  On the other side of the room, use the door on your right.

Climb up the ladder in this room, open the door, and a slasher will drop through the ceiling.  Backpedal to the left, because once you kill this one another will drop down in almost the same spot.  After you kill them, loot their bodies and check for any supplies you missed the first time through here.

To leave this room, activate the blue panel terminal across from the door you entered in.  This panel has a pretty simple unlock puzzle.  Move the left marker with the left analogue stick to the indicated spot and the right analogue stick for the right marker.  You can only travel from spot to spot if there is a line bridging them.  If you fail, don’t worry, you will just have to try again and the puzzle dumbs itself down each time.

Once the puzzle is complete, exit out the elevator to your left.  Hang a left out of the elevator and then a second one to find a bunch of markings on the wall that will make Isaac go cray-cray. After the cutscene go left, up a few stairs to find an audiolog, there’s also a tex log on the coffee table with the model ship.  Lastly, on your way out, grab an artifact that is hidden amongst the toppled over bookshelves.  Now exit out the elevator you came up in.

Exit out of the elevator and hang a left down the hall.  You will see a door open to your left that will lead you back into the theatre room, where a film is now playing about Tau Volantis and the Marker.  There’s some more supplies where you found the artifact in Chapter 3, also check the supply cabinets from before as they will be restocked.  Ascend the stairs, go right, then descend, and stop at the door.

Prep yourself.  When you open the door a leaper will drop down on you.  Open the door and shoot the thing before it can move.  Get out of the way because a second one will be dropping down. When you go to inspect the corpses, two slashers will burst through the windows.  Shoot them, then collect the drops from their bodies.  After the room is clear, use your navigation locator to find the door at the end of the hall.

The door on your right leads to a supply closet with ammo clips, a shotgun blueprint, and a weapon upgrade circuit.  Gather these supplies and when you exit out the door you came through, go through the door on your right.

Go through the next door to find Ellie and the crew.  There are some supply cabinets that are active now that the power is on.  Grab supplies and use the *bench to upgrade weapons and manage inventory.  When you’re done, head through the door to the left of the work bench.

Through this door you can change suits if you have any options.  Continue through the door and down the hall.  Open the door to the left, while Ellie’s boyfriend contacts you.  Ignore him and open the door to space.

Disconnect from the ground and use your locator to find the shuttle (it’s at a docking station slightly to your left).  Boost toward the shuttle and enter it.  Selected the C.M.S Terra Nova as your destination.

Upon reaching the Terra Nova, exit the shuttle and hang a left toward the airlock chamber.  Once inside, there is a gun piece sitting by the lockers.  Once the room has pressurized, head through the unlocked door to the left of the lockers.  This ends Chapter 4.

*Words to the wise: If you have the parts to build a scope here, do it.  Strongly recommend it.

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