Dead Space 3 (Chapter Ten: Part One)

Alright, somehow everyone survived the crash and got back together.  This is feasible.  As you enter the conference room, there is a audiolog on the left side of the room.  Further down on the same side there is a door that requires a torque bar.  You should definitely have one of these by now.  Open the door and grab the stuff inside.

That should be about it.  Use the bench in here and head out the door next to it.  Grab the boxes as you come out the door and walk down the hall to the elevator where Ellie will tell you she is waiting for you.

Walk outside and head for the group.  A rocket will separate you and you will be attacked Unitologists.  Grab some cover and pick them off as they jump down from their ship.  As long as you stay in cover their fire won’t hit you.  So don’t sweat moving around too much.

After they are dead, grab the supplies off their bodies, and head to the elevator toward the back of this area, to the right.  There’s a couple supply boxed here for you to use, then take the elevator at the end of the room.

There’s a couple supply boxes you can grab out here, then take the lift down.  Take cover as soon as you get down.  Two shotgun wielding soldiers are coming for you.  Hit them with stasis or take them out with something powerful.

While this is going one, a slasher will start tearing up the back ranks of the soldiers.  Let them fight it out as you sneak your way up.  Always stay behind over and hide to the right after you come off the bridge if you need a safe place. After all the soldiers are dead, gather the supplies, and head down the elevator.

Down here use the suit kiosk and the workbench.  Then head up the elevator.

Grab cover and let the necromorphs and Unitologists duke it out for a bit. Do not fire unless fired upon.  Now clear everything in front of the crane-like machine.  Move up and use the machine for cover.  Gather some of the drops from the guys here and follow the tracks into the tunnel.

You’ll hear one of the Unitologists as they come running toward you in here.  Use stasis or a powerful weapon to take him down before he can get close with his shotgun. Keep going forward and you will come to an opening.  Then re-enter the tunnel.  Beyond the scaffolding to the right there is an artifact.  Grab it and take the elevator up.

A slasher will see how lonely you are in the elevator and jump in to keep you company.  Hit him with stasis and then take him down.  Follow the walkway and take the ladder down.  Then take the elevator.

Unitologists are waiting for you out here.  Grab some cover nearest to the door and start returning fire.  Stick to the far right of the cover, so if any grenades come in, you can move a few steps the right and still remain in cover.  There’s about five unitologists out here.  After they are dead, collect their loot, and exit out the elevator behind the pile of bodies you have created.

You will see larger version of the swarm jump into a couple bodies here.  After you kill these reanimated corpses, shoot the little buggers as they search for a second host.  They’re bigger and easier to hit than the little guys from before.

Take the elevator up and follow the cliffside.  You’ll see a few Unitologists fighting three swarm-controlled corpses.  Shoot the corpses and keep at it to take out the swarm as they search for a new host.  After you’re done, collect the supplies from the bodies.

Now head to the EEI puzzle by the elevator.  Be ready, a waster will attack you when you start the puzzle.  After he is dead, solve the puzzle and take the elevator.

Follow the path down to the bench and use kinesis to start the generator. Use the bench (you’ll want to, this part coming up is a bitch) and enter the large ring in the middle.  Use kinesis to lower the safety gates on either side of the stuck drill and it will spring toward you.

Hit the drill with kinesis, then shoot the yellow glowing center.  Sounds easy, right?  Well, the first time you will have to hit it while wasters are coming at you.  The second, wasters and slashers.  The third time, all slashers. The four, and final time will be feeders.  Try fighting off the necromorphs and letting the drill get in close.  Then move and let the drill take out the necros.  While you have a moment to breath, hit the drill with kinesis and hit the center.  Repeat four times and the room will be clear. Pick up the supplies and go through the door the drill was blocking.

Nothing up here but more supplies.  Move through the snow and to the next elevator.  In here Santos will give you a new objective.  Use the bench and follow your navigation locator.  Follow the walkway and enter the furnace room.

There’s an audiolog on the left hand side when you enter the room.  Keep going forward and use the suit kiosk if you need to.  There’s also some supply boxes lying around.  Then take the lift.

Out here turn immediately to your right and use the lever.  Then pull the battery out of the cabinet.  Take few steps forward and a slew of slashers, wasters, and one puker will charge you.  If you move forward slowly, you can lure them out one at a time.  When they’re dead grab the battery and go the half open door at the far end, put the battery in this room.

Backtrack and head up the ladder.  Keep your gun trained at the end of the walkway here and soon two wasters and a crawling slasher will charge you.  After they are dead, continue down the walkway and take the ladder down.  Check the lockers in here and the supply cabinet.  Then load the battery into the generator and use the terminal here.

Now return back down the lift you came up, you might have to kill a necromorph or two on the way back.  Continue backtracking until you come to the giant furnace machine.  Use the terminal in front of the machine to get it started, then turn the valves using kinesis: 3,1,2,4,1,4,2,1,4.  These numbers should also be lit in the center of the machine.  Then activate the machine.  This should defrost the specimen.

Follow the walkway to the elevator by the bench by the elevator and take it to the observation deck.  Go to Santos and talk to her.

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