Bioshock Infinite Weapons Guide: Peppermill Crank Gun/ China Broom Shotgun

Bioshock Infinite offers a good variety of weapons that Booker DeWitt can use to dispose of his enemies. Most of the times these weapons are used together with Vigor to create some truly damaging attacks. Some of the weapons of the game can be found lying around while others require you to defeat specific enemies in order to obtain them. Thanks to Elizabeth your weapons’ power can also be enhanced with her possesing the weapon and the ammo thanks to her tears.

Finding a weapon doesn’t mean that you’re done with it as soon as you find another one: you’ll be able to upgrade it in a few different ways using the Minuteman’s ArmoryVending Machines found all over Columbia. The upgrade system allows you to costumize weapons to your likings and even retain all these upgrades once you found a new type of the same weapon. It’s quite a unique system which adds a bit more depth to the game.

Peppermill Crank Gun

The Peppermill Crank Gun is a gatling gun which can be obtained by killing Motorized Patriots or through Elizabeth’s tears. This weapon sports high attack power and fire rate but, unfortunately, it comes with a few issues: since you’ll have to take this weapon from enemies, you won’t be able to find ammo lying around and from vending machines. At the same time there’s no way to upgrade this weapon. If you’re looking for ammo the only thing you can do is kill another patriot and get his weapon. Not the most reliable of weapons due to these reasons.

Founder China Broom

The China Broom is a shotgun found in the city of Columbia: this weapon allows multiple burst shops and it’s quite powerful. You’ll be able to get this weapon for the first time at battleship bay. For close range confrontations you probably won’t be able to find a better weapon than this. Combine it with the Bucking Bronco vigor to make it even more useful.

Available Upgrades

Shotgun Damage Boost 1 $255
Shotgun Damage Boost 2 $255
Shotgun Reload Speed $456
Shotgun Spread Boost $360
Max Upgrade Cost $1326

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