Animal Crossing New Leaf Money Making Guide: Fishing

Animal Crossing New Leaf is the latest entry of the long running Nintendo series called Animal Crossing. It’s actually one of the most successful series created by the Japanese company, thanks to it’s simple yet engaging premise as well as the many customization options given to players that allow them to customize their character and house in many different ways and interact with others in some really interesting ways.

New Leaf brings some welcome addition to the gameplay formula, making the game even more addicting than before. Customization options have been vastly increased for both character and house customization. As if it wasn’t enough players will have the possibility, for the first time ever, to become the mayor of their town, allowing the new virtual mayors to even customize the town and improve it with public works. Creating a good city will allow you to get a Perfect Town rating as well as a 100% approval rating and the appreciation of your virtual citizens.

As usual you’ll also be able to take part in a lot of different activities for the game: bug catching, diving, fishing and more. Animal Crossing New Leaf is truly the perfect game for all those players who love to collect items: to truly find everything in the game you’ll have to work extra hard.

Among the new features introduced in Animal Crossing New Leaf are Spot Pass features, DLC and Online Play that make the best use of the Nintendo 3DS unique features.

While playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf you’ll definitely have the need for extra money to do everything you want inside the game. There are a few different ways to make money in the game and that’s what we will be covering in these Money Making guides.

The hardest part is to get access to the Tropical Island: Bugs and Beetles found in the island will allow you to make a lot of money in very little time. To get access to the island you will have to earn at least 50.000 bells to buy your home and pay your first loan. Once you have done this, the Tropical Island tips will be the best way to earn money.

  • Fishing

Fishing is the easiest way, early on, to get some extra money: by selling fish to Re-Tail you can make all the money needed to pay your first loan. Unfortunately you may be unable to find a Fishing Rod in Nookling Junction: there’s a way to overcome this issue thanks to Isabelle. Make sure to follow her Advice when talking to her during your first day as a Mayor: she’ll give you access to several items that can be hard to find, like the Fishing Rod.

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