Fire Emblem: Awakening Treasure Guide: Chapter 10

Now that we have covered how to recruit all the characters available in Fire Emblem: Awakening it’s time to cover another tricky aspect of the game: treasures. Fire Emblem veterans know how hard it can be to get some treasures in the series: most of the times they’re placed in hard to reach spots and guarded by powerful units. Other times you’ll have a limited time to get these treasures since some quick ruffians will get in the way of your treasure collecting endeavors and steal the treasures before you even have a chance to get them. Getting treasures on map it’s not something that’s required to complete the game but some of the rewards are definitely going to help you in some of the harder story missions. To be able to beat the ruffians to the treasure you’ll need a sound strategy and some quick moving units: while they may be getting the treasures before you, you’ll still have a chance to obtain the rewards if you manage to defeat the Ruffians. Aerial mounted units are the best moving units of the game as far as movement range is concerned; you can also use thieves to move quickly, but not as quickly as the winged units. In this guide we will be covering all the treasures available in the game: the ones in the chests are the most useful but since we’re completionists, we will be covering all of them. A game’s not completed once everything has been discovered folks!

  • Chapter 10 – Renewal

While this mission doesn’t have villages or treasure chests, it has ruffians and quite a bit of them. The four ruffians on the map all have stolen treasure which you can obtain by taking them out before they can escape the map. Given their high movement range, you’ll need some units who can get to them before they are able to escape with the treasures. The best way to stop them is using mounted units, both grounded and aerial: use them to go after the ruffians. You’ll start on the lower portion of the map and the ruffians will try to mke their escape to the top. The obtainable treasures are a Master Seal, a Seraph Robe, a Wyrmslayer and a Bullion. Nothing too rare but it’s still good to have an extra Wyrmslayer and Master Seal to upgrade your character classes.

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