Dead Space 3 Guide (Chapter Seventeen)

As the chapter starts, there will be a generator to your right.  Start it and it will unlock the door in front of you. Before moving on, there is an artifact in this room, to the left of the work bench.  Now move on into the next room.

In the next room you will find a text log to your right.  After attempting to head into the next room a lockdown will prevent your progress.  A video will explain how scientists learned how to translate the alien voices.  Use the translating console with the symbols on it and enter in the following code:

\       ===         
—-               —

Use this code to unlock the door and as you step outside a cutscene will start.

Descend the ramp nearby.  Once at the bottom, hang a right and run across the bridge.  Activate the panel on that small platform.  Use kinesis to pick up the change inside of the container.  Now take this back over the bridge and to the right.  Place it in the indentation on the wall and a clock will start to countdown, so clear the area.

After the path is clear, continue forward.  You will get another cutscene when you reach the next walkway.  After it is done, take out the Unitologists shooting up at you.  Continue to the follow the passage and take a left.

Here you will come across a similar panel to before.  Open it up and take the charge around the corner and load it up.  After the way is clear, you can grab another artifact in the green cargo box.  Grab another mine and take it to the, now accessible, other end of the bridge.  After loading it up you will get another cutscene.  After a little scuffle you will fall deeper into the alien city.

After the scene is played out, keep to your left.  Watch you left as an alien necromorph will pop out at you.  Once he’s dead, keep going until you reach the ramp.  Do a 180 here and enter the small area with a mini-game panel.  This will unlock the door.  Grab the audiolog to your right, before continuing.

The newly unlocked door leads to an elevator to a side mission.  Side missions will be covered in a later guide.  After the side mission, head up the ramp and go to the console.  You will have to enter the following code to continue:

\       ===         
—-               —

The large, Stargate-esque door will open to the next room.

Use the generator in this room to activate on zero gravity  Then fly directly up and you will find a couple lurkers coming out of the caves.  Take them out out and use your navigational locator to find the next area.  When you reach the door, there will be another series of alien symbols to enter. You can find them written behind the panel wall, listen to the aural cues, or just use this:

\       ===         
—-               —

Continue around the corner to the right and stand on the glowing blue circle which will give you super kinesis powers. Use your new powers to get those big blue boxes out of the way and head through your newly created path.  Follow the ramp downwards and hang a right.  Use kinesis to activate the generator and take out the crawlers that come after you.  Book it to the elevator here and ride it up.

Run to the blue circle which will activate an audio log.  Follow the good doctors order and use kinesis to bend the columns behind you to match the columns in front of you.  More specifically the one on the left, with the two curled out and the two middle ones pointing up.

Once you have the columns appropriately configured, a panel behind them will light up green.  Run over and use the panel.  Then return down the elevator.

At the bottom, two more alien necromorphs will pop out from either side of you.  You can waste time with these guys, but it you can save some supplies here, but just booking it to the glowing green circle.  This will shoot forward into the distance.

After dodging your way through the rubble to a new area, head forward, down the ramp and enter the following symbols into the panel:

     ===      ===
===              \

Head through the door and take a left.  Here you will find another artifact.  Now return back and follow your navigational locator to a large room, where feeders will be waiting around you.  Once they start attacking, I advise backtracking to the door you entered in and finding a good corner to hold up in.  A shotgun and statis are your friends.  You get bonuses staying on the blue circle, but nothing is better than some solid back against you wall when fighting off feeders.

Head to another blue circle and slashers will start pouring through the door ahead of you.  Here super kinesis can be your best friend, tearing limbs off these crazies at will.  After ripping the blades off of their bodies, you can use them to impale others.  There’s also one mother-mother who will try to flank you. Don’t let him get the drop on you.

When they are all finished, head through the door and you will find another panel.  Seriously, this level design is so creative.  Enter another combination that I have noted down for you:

===               —
—      ===       

Open the door and head through for the chapter to end.

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