Nano Assault EX Coming to European eShop on March 7

Nano Assault EX will be available on the Nintendo 3DS eShop in Europe and Australia on March 7, developer Shin’en Games announced via Twitter last week. The game is based on the original Nano Assault and promises to improve it by adding features such as Circle Pad Pro support, online ranking system, a new survivor mode, improved graphics and gameplay.

“Stop the deadly Nanostray virus from spreading and contaminating civilization in Nano Assault EX, a fast-paced action shooter set within a visually stunning cellular system that leaps off the screen in full 3D. Control your microscopic Nanite ship inside the dangerous virus to fight off infections, navigate through alien cell clusters, battle bosses, and ultimately analyze and destroy the virus’ core to save humanity.

Nano Assault EX is based on the original Nano Assault retail game plus the all-new survivor mode, new online rankings, support for Circle Pad Pro, improved gameplay, updated graphics, etc.”

The game has already been approved for release on the American eShop and is awaiting final verdict for the Japanese one. No release date has been given for either region.

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