Rise of Nightmares – Xbox 360

Zombies, monsters and the paranormal are the main concepts that swarm our current generation’s minds… What about mad scientists who try and create new forms of the living? Well here it is. Sega’s Rise of nightmares, with their very own mad scientist, “Viktor”, who straps the dead with mechanical appendages and generic scary looking faces for our hero Josh to annihilate. Aside from the horrid movement system brought about by the kinect sensor, it’s an addictive first person hack and slash title.

Rise of Nightmares

The story follows a drunkard hero by the name of Josh who is in search of his wife who was captured by a mad scientist. As the game progresses you find yourself battling it out through dungeons and corpse filled area’s which portray the horrors that have occurred before your arrival. Using your entire body you move through the eerie surroundings whilst kicking down doors and slashing multiple abominations simultaneously. There are many obstacles along the way such as spikes flying from the walls and guillotines swooping down from above to part your head from your beloved body.

The navigating system is a horrible pain unless you use the somewhat pointless but useful auto walk function which in turn does not give you much freedom for exploration. Overall the movement system is rather tedious and frustrating. The fighting or “focus” system is far superior compared to its lousy movement counter part. Hack and slash as if you had to hack and slash! The game is equipped with a large number of melee weapons which can be looted from random locations in the game. To fight off the hordes you attack using gestures that match the type of weapon you happened to pick up. After hours of tedious navigating and bashing in the heads of the paranormal I gave the game over to my friend who is not really an adept gamer, her reaction to this horror title was a little different than I expected when she turned around and said “Well it’s a good workout”


This game has its intense nail biting moments, but overall it’s another generic journey through the world of our hideous imaginations…. except this time you’re getting a workout.

[xrr rating=4/10]

4 out of 10

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