Resident Evil 6 Demo Review

Resident Evil 6 Demo. I’ve heard that a lot of players have been waiting for this title to own the marketplace, so I’ll do my precious job, and tell you about the demo.

NOTICE: Before you start looking at the pictures, make sure that you don’t have any food with you, because this game plays around with human flesh and several disgusting body manipulation is shown throughout the demo. I’ve even got sick for an hour.

The main thing: Resident Evil 6 is a third-person shooter game where you kill mutants and some zombies. In the demo, we’ll have 3 missions to do. Each mission has different characters, because the game goes into 3 main stories.

Leon and Helena: They’ll fight their way out of a school. They are the ones who’ll get the zombies.
Chris and Piers: They’ll shoot up several mutants in Europe
Mike and  Sherry: They’ll shoot and punch the sh1t out of the mutants in Japan.

The coolest thing is, that there’s Coop Multiplayer in the demo, and you can play trough the missions with your mate for free.

If it wasn’t cool enough that you can meet extreme gore and violence in games like Dead Space, this one was kinda new for me. The gore system is awesome. But what makes it awesome?  For example, if you shoot a zombie, it won’t only leave some blood, it will make a nice hole trough or into the zombie’s body. Or you can make critical melee hits to the enemies, you’ll kick away mutants, and kick the zombies’ heads off. There’s blood everywhere.

The gameplay was just epic. It will force you to scavenge ammo and grab the knife to remove their heads, because that’s what you gotta do! That’s the game! And I love it!

I’ve got to tell that the graphics are just beautiful. The lighting, the shaders, the shadows, I loved it all. The first time I was looking at the cutscenes, I was 100% sure, that’s just pre-recorded. After I was looking at the graphics. I’ve realized that the cutscenes were actually not pre-recorded. I couldn’t believe how can face expressions and hair be such detailed!

The cover and vault system is also well made. You can get to cover and shoot enemies from there and vault over objects like tables for more action.

Some other cool things I’ve noticed:
-Cinematic fighting
-Minimal HUD -> Even more cinematic gameplay
-Epic execution scenes
-Heavily relies on teamwork
-Destructible environment -> Only applies to obstacles at the moment
-Shape-shifting mutants will give you more challenge

The following only applies to the demo and not the full game.


  • Cinematic gameplay, cutscenes and environment
  • Epic melee combat
  • Really detailed gore
  • Coop Multiplayer


  • It feels a bit too arcade, a magazine of 9mm will not kill the player
  • Can get boring after a while


Is it replayable to have fun or it’s only for demonstration?

Yes, It’s replayable, but can get boring after a while. Replayable because of the Coop Multiplayer, and the zombies, but the mutant fights can get boring. You should download it anyways.

Should I buy the full game once it comes out?

Yes. Everyone loves zombies and you can screw with the mutants in the same way. Gore fans should definitely play it.

Click here to download it from the marketplace.

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-Greg Butcher


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