Halo 4 – First Impressions

Halo 4 launched several hours ago in the UK after a long and painful wait, I’ve played 4 missions of campain and a handful of multiplayer, so here’s my first impressions!

First thing you’ll see regardless of what mode you choose is a breathtaking CG cutscene that instantly highlights the significant leap in the grapics quality, no expense has been spared on these. The locations are vast, detailed, and extremely beautiful, making you eager to jump in head first!

First thing I done (after installing the 8gb for disc 2) was round up a few friends, one of which was sitting next to me, and get started on the campaign. We set it to heroic and got the action started. After a few cutscenes, master chief is brought out of cryo sleep and in his own words, gets back to work. As it turns out the covenant has boarded your ship and once again its time to slay every single one of them. Shortly after taking control it is evident how nice and responsive the controls feel, everything moves so fluently which makes it is an absolute joy to play. Once you’ve cleared out your fair share of covenant things take a turn for the worse and everyone is dragged into a portal which then results in you crash landing on the planet (dyson sphere) named Requiem. I won’t go into anymore detail on the campaign for now as I want you to experience how awesome it is first hand for the first time, I never played Halo: CE when it was new but I imagine it felt something like this! My only slight concern is i have completed 4 missions in around 3 hours and I believe there are only 8. I am hoping this fear is unwarranted and that the 2nd half of the missions are considerably longer.

After playing a decent amount of the campaign we jumped online and played some ‘War Games’. I played my first game, racking up the kills, assists, and just generally causing a lot of chaos. Once again the controls feel instantly superior to Halo Reach. For me Halo Reach multiplayer was missing something that Halo 3 had in vast quantities. In Halo 3 everything felt extremely smooth and balanced and i feel Halo 4 has once again achieved this. Even though they have added so much in terms of armour abilities and specializations, it doesn’t feel tacked on and from what I’ve played it just feels right! One other thing Halo fans! The Battle Rifle is back and it is once again a joy to use, there’s nothing quite like dropping an enemy in 4 shots while strafing out the way of incoming fire.

So my first impressions of Halo 4 are extremely positive unsurprisingly, and I’m having a tough job finding anything that feels poorly designed or out of place, the best compliment I can give Halo 4 is that it is a worthy successor to Halo 3 and is as good if not better than Bungie’s take on the Halo universe. I have yet to play Spartan Ops yet but it is my belief that 343 Industries have knocked it out of the park on their first outing and more co-op content can only be a good thing!

Anyway it is 7.02 am here in the UK, I need to get some sleep, but the first thing I will do when i wake up is reach for my Xbox controller, I guarantee you that!

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