Save on Skyrim/Oblivion on Xbox Live This Week

Save on Skyrim/Oblivion on Xbox Live This Week

If you don’t already have Skyrim or Oblivion then this is your lucky week. Xbox Live is having a sale on both of the Elder Scrolls titles and their subsequent DLC packs this week as their Deal of the Week.

Oblivion- $9.99 (Games on Demand)

Shivering Isles- 600 Microsoft Points

Knights of the Nine- 200 Microsoft Points

Skyrim- $44.99 (Games on Demand)

Dawnguard- 1200 Microsoft Points

Hearthfire- 320 Microsoft Points

If you have never taken an adventure through the land of Tamriel, or you are just wanting to revisit one of these multiple award winning titles, all you need is the money and an Xbox Live Gold membership. The sale is only good until the end of the week however, so don’t dawdle.


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