Crazy Xbox Sale – Futureshop Canada

Crazy Xbox Sale – Futureshop Canada

Want to buy an xbox 360 super cheap? here is your chance to get it at the best price I have ever seen it (if your in Canada).  Futureshop looks like they are having an exclusive deal where almost any Xbox console purchase will be rewarded with a $100 gift card. The offer does excludes 250GB Halo 4 Xbox 360 but it doesn’t mention excluding any of the other bundles such as the kinect bundles, star war bundles or gears of war bundles.  This even includes the 4GB model which price starts at only $199, so you would essentially only be paying $99 for an xbox.  Then when you combine it with the pre-order specials on a game such as Halo 4 you receive another $10 credit (yes I believe you can use your $100 credit from the xbox to buy the Halo 4 game then get another $10 credit) its almost like the Mario brothers unlimited 1-up tricks.

I could not find this same deal on the Bestbuy website or any other major retailers so this looks like an exclusive deal by Futureshop and ends on October 11th check out the link here.

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