Trials Evolution leaderboards show 1 million players

Trials Evolution is a very popular Xbox Live Arcade game. The game’s leaderboards are currently showing that over one million players have experienced this side-scrolling dirt-riding game, 1,001,660 to be exact. This was reported by PlayXBLA who note that “this isn’t a wholly accurate number for sales due to the fact that multiple gamertags could have played on one copy of the game, it’s the closest thing we have.” Congratulations anyway.

Trials Evolution was released in April this year for Xbox 360 with a PC port currently being worked on. It will also feature the original Trials HD so if you haven’t got the chance to experience them, now is the best time. The game was a huge success not just financially, but critically as well. “It’s also hard to stop playing Trials Evolution for very long. The action is as tight and demanding as it ever was, and this time around it’s such a fully featured and attractive package that you shouldn’t miss it if you have any interest in this style of game at all. It’s one of the best games to hit a downloadable service in a good long while,” says GiantBomb. The Game Informer review was also very flattering:

“Playing against friends or Xbox Live strangers can be entertaining, but the real fun and challenge of Trials Evolution lies in the single-player experience. Even though you may not be facing off against live opponents, the social element of the game does a remarkable job conveying a sense of competition.” This adds up to a 90/100 on Metacritic, from 77 reviews, making it one of the highest rated Xbox Live Arcade games ever made. Congratulations on that too.

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