The Reviews are In: Halo 4 is a Smashing Success

The Reviews are In: Halo 4 is a Smashing Success

The embargo’s floodgates on Halo 4 were lifted earlier this morning, and reviews of 343i’s newest game flooded the internet in an unprecedented rate. It may not surprise anyone that Halo 4 received incredibly positive review scores, even garnering a few 10/10 and 5/5 perfect scores here and there.

From IGN (9.8/10) to Destructoid  (10/10 Perfect) and everyone in between, 343i’s newest masterpiece was received with open arms and satisfied grins all around and was given the respect and detailed reviews that it deserved.

Halo is in new hands, but guess what? 343’s debut effort out-Bungies Bungie. Halo 4 is a triumph.” –Ryan McCaffrey, IGN

Halo 4 has been praised with it’s incredible graphics, amazing story arc, unbeatable sound, and a vast array of other high-quality elements that combine to deliver a gaming experience of the highest pedigree.

“343 Industries have done a remarkable job at continuing the Halo legacy. They’ve gone all out, creating a fantastic sequel that brought forth a major focus on storytelling while upping the visual and audio direction to a level that will be tough for anyone to rival with these few remaining years of the current console generation.

Above all else, Halo 4 proves that the franchise is in safe hands with 343.” –Hamza Aziz, Destructoid


All in all, Halo 4 has performed outstandingly in every way, raising the bar for shooters as well as the franchise as whole, and proves, once and for all, that 343 Industries is more than capable of handling Bungie’s baby.

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