Sleeping Dogs Demo Review

Sleeping Dogs demo. This is the #1 demo on the marketplace at the time. It’s everywhere for being so popular.  So let’s see what this demo offers it’s precious downloaders.

The game takes place in Hong Kong, and it plays more like an enhanced Grand Theft Auto. It’s not only about shooting everybody in the face and tell them “Yo dawg you have blaad on ya feet!”. It’s more like a GTA with more melee than firefights. We still don’t exacly know what GTA V will offer us, but comparing this to GTA IV, Sleeping Dogs cathces up nicely. Sleeping Dogs is actually a part of the True Crime series, but the developers didn’t buy the license for it’s name.

Our japanese hero is just cooler than Siberia by even the first look. With that jacket he’s officially awesome.

The first thing I noticed that the game’s main thing is free roaming, and doing exactly what you want. This does not apply to the demo. You get 2 missions that are pretty long, challenging, but they will show you most of the things about the game. Except vehicles. I haven’t seen any that are drivable. We get interior action anyways.

But hey, Hong Kong is big even in the full game, and the demo still takes away 2 GB from your hard drive. If we could even get parts of the city, it would probably increase to 3 or more.

But let’s get down to buisness. Oh sorry did I mean buisness? Diplomatic actions? We can forget that too! We punch the sh1t out of everybody trough the whole demo that’s what’s happening. The fighting system is awesome and simple.

  • Tapping X: Small punches.
  • Holding X: Foot into the face.
  • Pressing Y when enemy is red: Counter-attack in an epic way.
  • Pressing B: Grabbing enemy, and pressing it again near walls or red objects: FATALITY.

In the game you can not only screw with the thugs and other hostiles you are also able to beat and kill civilians without consequence since there are no cops in the demo. They do appear in the cut scenes but thats about all you see of them.

There’s an awesome free running system out there too. By holding A, you will sprint, that’s okay, but pressing it twice, you can vault over tables, fences, the most smaller obstacles, climb smaller walls, jump a big one or kick somebody out of your way.

The cutscenes made my console drop the fps to 20 but it even went down to 15 when the depth of field (blur) was affected by a moving object.  The motion capturing and rendering certainly pays off as it provides smooth and flowing animations.

The following info applies to the demo and not for the full game.


  • It’s cinematic fighting scenes are just asking for themselves to be on your screen
  • It’s pretty fun to smack a thug into a wall, throw them down from a flat or even put them into an air vent!
  • The 2 missions are long and challenging
  • If you’re bored you can screw with those innocent civilians, grab them and throw them away
  • Awesome music


  • No free roam
  • Fps drops to 20-25 (Looks like the game is made for discs instead of pendrives)
  • It gets boring after a while


Is it replayable to have fun or it’s only for demonstration?

This demo is made for demonstration. It’s replayable for about 2 times, but gives you no freedom at all.


Should I buy the full game?

Yes. The demo really got me to think about it. I’ve seen several gameplays and it’s freedom can be compared to Skyrim. The detail is beautiful, the fighting system is so epic and even the demo feels lively. I mean people everywhere, they talk to you, each other or even shout your face off.


Click here to download it from the marketplace.

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Alright so now you’re like “what the heck is this?”. Yes I am actually reviewing the demoes of the Xbox 360 marketplace.
And why? Well. Typically I’m a pretty common type of player on the Xbox 360.
I look for free games. Since there are about 5 free games on the marketplace and only 2 of them are actually enjoyable, I’m going to look for demoes that are worth downloading. But not for the demonstration of the game. For enjoyment. What I mean by that?
I look for replayable demoes. Not that kind of 1 mission and demo over. I look for demoes like Burnout Paradise demo. It gives you a small area of the big city to explore, various races and a pretty fast ride. That demo is enjoyable. It’s replayable.
But I’m not going to only review replayable demoes. I’ll review the fresh demoes and some old ones weekly, not just those. To find them, I’ll need to look for them.

-Greg Butcher


Credit for the pictures go to the Xbox 360 marketplace, and they are from the game demo only.

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