Play Halo 4 on Xbox LIVE and Earn Microsoft Points

Microsoft wants to reward gamers who are playing Halo 4 on Xbox LIVE with a brand-new My Xtras program on Xbox LIVE Rewards called the Halo 4 Combat Tour. The official program allows players to earn Microsoft Points (MSP)–the digital currency for Xbox LIVE content–while playing Halo 4 online, giving away a total of 10,000,000 MSP to gamers who jump into the fray of online matchmaking.

“Your commitment to Halo 4 has never been so rewarding! Xbox LIVE Rewards members can earn up to 800 Microsoft Points this November simply for playing Halo 4 on multiplayer and purchasing eligible Halo content on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. Explore Halo 4 in all its modes: Campaign, Spartan Ops, and War Games – the more you do, the more you get.***” –Official Xbox LIVE Rewards MyXtras page

In the Halo 4 Combat Tour promotion gamers can only earn up to 800 Microsoft Points, and get a certain value of MSP per how many hours total they spend playing the game in the month of November. Also gamers get bonus MSP when they purchase Halo-related content from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

  • 35+ Hours: 100 MSP
  • 70+ Hours: 300 MSP
  • 140+ Hours: 600 MSP

The promotion ends on Nov. 30, 2012, and all hours of gameplay throughout the month are accumulated. For more information on this exciting promotion, check the official Halo 4 Combat Tour Rewards Page.



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