Minecraft Beats MW3 on Xbox Live

It would appear the punching blocks might just be more effective than spraying bullets.

MInecraft’s Xbox port is a clear success

In last week’s listing of Top Titles on the Xbox Live Arcade, released yesterday, it was revealed that the breakout indie hit Minecraft had beat Activision’s Modern Warfare 3 in the number of Unique Users playing.  Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition developer 4J Studios has been toting the success of this game recently when it broke 4 million copies sold , creating $80 Million dollars in revenue.


This isn’t especially shocking news, as ever since the games launch, which was profitable for 4J in a single hour,  Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition has been outperforming even fan’s wildest dreams.  In May, Minecraft quickly surpassed Activision’s Call of Duty Black Ops in number of Unique Users.  As the game continues to be a success, and continues to have content added to it, we can only imagine that more and more users will flock to the Xbox 360 version of the breakout Indie hit created by Mojang in2011, and has gained fame among Indie gamers, and followers of the Yogscast. The upcoming update to Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition coming soon will add many of the best features of the PC version to its console cousin, and accoridng to playxbox.com, will include the additon of “Creative Mode”, “sprinting to Survival Mode”, and the  “Enderman, Cave Spiders, and Silverfish” to the games roster of enemies

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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