Microsoft shows SmartGlass App and new XBox 360 Dashboard update

XBox SmartGlass is a key element of Microsoft’s new strategy, trying to rival with Apple’s Ipod Mini and Nintendo’s Wii U: the Smartglass app, available from October 26, will allow mobile devices to potentially serve as second screens and remote controllers. It’s evident how, from a simple gaming viewpoint, Microsoft is trying to compete with the Wii U Gamepad, as a touch screen powered mobile device could replicate some of the ideas implemented in Nintendo’s new tablet controller; at the same time Microsoft is trying to reach the same level of connectivity of Apple’s products.

Yusuf Mehdi, chief marketing officer at Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Division, considers 2012 an especially good year for Microsoft as Windows 8 system and its Surface tablet will be released on the same day and the SmartGlass app will try to tie everything together.
SmartGlass is not the only ace in the hole for Microsoft this month: a new XBox 360 dashboard upgrade and a new XBox Live service will also be introduced, alongside improvements for the XBox Games and XBox video services. The XBox Music service is another important stepping stone in creating an all-in-one entertainment system, allowing the user to enjoy all of his multimedia content through his XBox 360 console.
Thanks to the SmartGlass app, Microsoft is hoping to extend the Xbox experience to many more users, making the “Xbox” brand not just related to console products but to all multimedia related Microsoft projects.

Here are some of the feautures introduced by SmartGlass:

  • Using phones or tablets as remote controls for XBox 360
  • Use the secondo screen to display stats, news and highlights watching sports on SmartGlass versions of NBA Game Game Time, ESPN and UFC
  • Cast and crew infos while watching movies and the ability to stop and resuming from any compatible device. The new season of HBO’s “Game Of Thrones” will make use of the SmartGlass features.
  • The Ability to interact with Internet Explorer on Xbox like panning and zooming pages
  • Using the second screen ala Wii U Gamepad enhancing the experience of compatible games

The SmartGlass app will be available for download starting this Friday, October 26

Source: Microsoft Official Blog 


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