Halo 4 Grind Guides: Team Snipers

Rising from its apparent, post-Reach grave, Team Snipers has joined the ranks of Halo 4’s rotational playlists, with all the 360 no-scopes you can eat.

What is it?
Team Snipers is fairly self-descriptive, being 4v4 Slayer with the only available loadout being a sniper rifle and nothing else. Whether it becomes a game of cat and mouse or a duel of flashy, unzoomed headshot attempts is up to you and your teammates, and games can be fast and furious depending on who’s come to the party.

Being a rotational playlist, Team Snipers only shows up on certain weeks, and is not available at all times.

What can I work on?
Well, obviously, this would be the best place to get used to the sniper rifle and bump up your kill count with it, seeing as it’s all you’ve got to work with. Headshots can be farmed in Team Snipers as well, and your kills and wins will go toward your Slayer gametype commendations.

Any other tips?
Take the shot. If you’ve got a bead on someone who’s looking even remotely in your direction, chances are, they’ve got a bead on you, and trying to make it perfect will just end up making you dead. When everyone’s packing a potentially one-shot-kill weapon, it’s not the time to fuss.

Don’t camp. I’m not suggesting this out of courtesy, mind you; rather, after a few kills (or just one, thanks to the kill cam feature), the other team will know where your perfect hiding spot is, and if you stay there, they will find a way to approach an angle you may not be watching, and remove you from your nest forcibly. Establish a rotation of hidey holes you’re comfortable with, and find the stealthiest routes you can between them, for great success.

Remember that two non-head shots equals a kill just as much as a headshot does, so if it comes down to it, pop off a second round to salvage a misjudged shot. This especially applies to closer range encounters, in which you shouldn’t be attempting headshots so much anyway.

Despite the rarity of its appearance, Team Snipers is a nice alternative who prefer to stick to the shadows and keep their distance from their prey. May your targets not be too twitchy when the playlist is active.

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