Halo 4 Grind Guides: Team Slayer Pro

Strip Infinity Slayer down to the bare essentials established in earlier Halo games, and you have Team Slayer Pro. This retro-flavored favorite is an homage to deathmatches past.

What is it?
Team Slayer Pro is bare-bones, no-frills Slayer action at its finest. Two teams with no armor abilities, tactical packages, support upgrades, or motion sensors have the choice to roll out with DMRs, battle rifles, or assault rifles, with a pistol and one frag grenade thrown in with all three loadouts.

What can I work on?
As indicated by the limited loadout selection, your options for weapon commendation grinds are limited to a small handful of UNSC options, though maps can also have on-site ordnance drops for a handful of the more minor power weapons such as needlers and sticky launchers. Otherwise, it’s pure, visual-only Slayer, which means Assassinations can be a bit easier to get if your opponents are prone to not watching their corners. This gametype, being a Slayer variant, will also rack up related commendations in the Slayer category under Game Type commendations.

Any other tips?
Don’t blink. Well, not more than you would normally have to, anyway. Watch your corners, get to know where people may try to get the drop on you, and don’t be afraid to lob grenades first and ask questions later.

Stick together. Teamwork is important when you don’t have the motion sensor to be an extra set of eyes, so if you can communicate, do so. If you can’t communicate, watch each others’ backs and don’t get too lone-wolfy unless you’re sure they won’t see you coming to flank.

The purist’s Slayer, TSP can be a great option for those who feel regular Infinity Slayer is too easy or crowded with ridiculous power weapons, or who want a bit extra challenge but feel SWAT is a bit too fast and furious for their tastes.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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