Halo 4 Grind Guides: Team Regicide

The newest rotational playlist takes the sole free-for-all gametype and gives it the team treatment, but this could actually be quite a boon to those less adept at solo supremacy.

What is it?
Team Regicide keeps the “highest scorer is king” formula of regular Regicide, including the bounties, overshields, and whatnot, but this time around, there are two kings. The highest scoring player on each of the two teams is that team’s king, and his teammates have HUD indicators suggesting they protect their king. Regency can rotate from player to player within the same team as kills rack up.

What can I work on?
As with the vanilla version of Regicide, multi-kills can be easy enough to come by, especially if the opposing team is bunching tightly around their king rather than spreading out a bit. The same maps that appear in regular Regicide also feature in the Team Regicide playlist, so mid-to-close range weapons are probably where you want to be (except for Complex). The Regicide playlist-specific commendations build from here as well, and while the team aspect may make Executions a bit more difficult, the fact that a win counts for every member of a team rather than just one person may make your quest toward filling that Regicide win bar that much easier.

Any other tips?
Watch your corners, watch your motion tracker, Promethean Vision can’t hurt. Things are a bit more kinetic here than in Regicide free-for-all, as you have less wannabe assassins lurking around and more cohesive group efforts, so your opponents are more likely to be on the move or clearly holding down certain areas (depending on the map), rather than tucking into corners and waiting to jump you from behind.

There are no commendations for becoming the king of your team, so don’t worry about whether or not you’re on top, score-wise. Just keep killing and forget about class, as you’re all in this together.

Having a Hardlight Shield or two on your team may not be a terrible plan, either. Given that your location’s given away once you have a king marked on the map, you may as well be ready to block some incoming fire. Regeneration Field is another good choice, since sticking with your team isn’t the worst strategy so long as you’re not too bunched up.

Team Regicide is a surprisingly well-executed blend of Team Slayer and Regicide, and a great choice for those kingslayers who’d rather have someone watching their back. While it is rotational, meaning it may not always be up, the playlist has been live for at least two weeks now, so there’s a good chance it may see regular appearances from here on out.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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