Halo 4 Grind Guides: Spartan Ops – Season 1, Episode 2

Here are the kill counts for the chapters in the second episode of Spartan Ops’ first season, entitled Artifact. As always, counts may vary slightly on levels where Watchers can spawn Crawlers or respawn fallen Knights, and these counts are from the Easy difficulty, as going back in just to grind commendations on anything higher is just adding unnecessary time. Happy hunting!


Chapter 1: Clean Up
Grunts: 13
Grunt Imperials: 3
Grunt Ultras: 2
Jackals: 4
Jackal Majors: 3
Jackal Rangers: 2
Elites: 3
Elite Zealots: 1
Elite Officers: 1
Elite Generals: 1
Crawlers: 20
Crawler Primes: 13
Knights: 5
Knight Battlewagons: 2
Watchers: 25

Chapter 2: For Science
Grunts: 23
Grunt Imperials: 13
Jackals: 12
Jackal Majors: 5
Jackal Rangers: 1
Elites: 14
Elite Zealots: 5
Elite Officers: 9

Chapter 3: Hacksaw
Grunt Imperials: 3
Grunt Ultras: 7
Jackal Majors: 5
Jackal Rangers: 2
Elites: 8
Elite Zealots: 1
Elite Officers: 9
Elite Generals: 7
Hunters: 1
Ghosts: 1

As this chapter’s challenge comes more in pushing for the achievement you get for getting through with at least a few Marines on Heroic or harder difficulty, it’s a pretty weak offering for kills. However, this is a great level for building your Backstab, as the Elites that drop every time you free up one of the smaller teams tend to focus more on the Marines than you, giving you the chance to snap several necks.

Also, you may miss out on the Ghost if you only kill the Elite driving it.

Chapter 4: Pelican Down
Grunts: 18
Grunt Imperials: 15
Grunt Ultras: 7
Jackals: 11
Jackal Majors: 2
Jackal Rangers: 25
Elites: 5
Elite Zealots: 6
Elite Officers: 5
Elite Generals: 5
Hunters: 2

Not a bad place to bag Hunters, with the rich variety of other Covenant around. There are tons of Fuel Rod Cannons at your disposal toward the end of the level, where said Hunters appear, so it’s cake if you’re just grinding on Easy.

Chapter 5: Gagarin
Crawlers: 78
Crawler Primes: 20
Knights: 18
Watchers: 9

While this chapter suffers for variety, it’s easily the place to be for Knights and Crawlers.

And that’s it. Keep an eye out for more commendation guides, for both Spartan Ops and War Games, in the near future.

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