Halo 4 Grind Guides: Regicide

This guide takes a closer look at Regicide, Juggernaut’s faster, lighter little brother, and the commendations you can bang out therein.

What is it?
Those who’ve played previous Halo titles will likely be familiar with the Juggernaut gametype, wherein one player is granted extra shields and strength, but is highlighted on the map for everyone else to find and try to kill. Regicide strips this down a bit, reserving the overshield for those kings who can hold onto the crown for a sizable amount of time, and adds a score bonus to the kill points for anyone who manages to kill the king. That, and instead of random selection, the king designation (and map indicator) goes to whomever has the highest score in this free-for-all playlist.

What can I work on?
Given the invitation for players to rush the King, multikill opportunities abound, especially with well-placed grenades or some fine shooting. The maps you’ll encounter are small-to-medium in size, so you’ll want to prep your loadout for that sort of thing. Not the worst place to work assassinations, either, given that two or three people will often be squaring off at a time, and not paying attention to new entrants to the fray. Assassinating the king will actually net you a special Execution medal and bonus, which has its own commendation outside of regular king kills under the Regicide gametype.

Any other tips?
Promethean Vision may not be the worst idea for an armor ability here, especially if you find yourself becoming king fairly regularly. Even without it, keep an eye on your motion tracker if you do have the crown, because you’re likely to be making new friends really fast.

Even if you’re not king, rack up any kills you can, rather than rushing blindly in for that king kill bonus. Regular kills still get you points, and if you rack up enough of them, you can take the crown for yourself without even seeing the old king.

Fast-paced and frenzied, Regicide is the only free-for-all playlist that has a regular, rather than rotational, presence, and in all fairness, it just took a step out of the typical scoreboard-checking to gang up on whomever’s wreaking the most havoc in standard multiplayer. If you think you’re the kind of badass who can handle him- or herself, by all means, make a bid for the throne.

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