Halo 4 Grind Guides: Capture The Flag

One of the modes that’s been a Halo mainstay since game the first, Capture The Flag has returned once more. Let’s take a look, shall we?

What is it?
Seems pretty self-explanatory, but for those somehow unfamiliar, Capture The Flag is pretty literal in its interpretation. Each team has a flag, which spawns at their starting point. The goal is to get the other team’s flag back to your flag spawn, keep the enemy from getting your own flag, and/or get it back should they slip past you and get their hands on it.

What can I work on?
There’s not much in the way of commendations CTF is particularly suited for, outside of those for the gametype itself, save for maybe Pistol kills. A new addition to the gametype, the flag carrier now receives a fast-firing Magnum in one hand while they carry the flag in the other, giving them more self-defense capability than just being the super-powered flag melee from previous iterations. If your flag carrier is a good enough shot, you may get some nice boosts to your Wheelman count while driving him back to base, however.

Any other tips?
Having a ride ready tends to be a key thing in CTF, or can at least save you a headache. If you’re on a map with vehicles, have someone driving your pickup man to the base and/or back if at all possible, and never stop moving if you are driving, lest you want to be sniped. It’s possible to get a flag across a map relay style, with one escort hanging back base-ward should the carrier get dropped, ready to rush in and keep things moving, but catching a ride is much easier for everyone.

Chances are, wherever you’re playing, someone’s either camping the flag or has a sniper bead on it, so be careful and be quick if you’re going in for the grab.

If the enemy has your flag and you have theirs, clash paths with their carrier so long as you’ve got some backup. It’s easier to camp your flag while your carrier runs away from where the enemy’s likely to try and return than it is to split your forces between guarding your carrier and hunting theirs.

There are reasons why Capture The Flag has endured as a gametype for so long, which may also lead you to find people who’ve been playing it since its inception, so don’t get discouraged if a map doesn’t go well. Back-and-forths can push matches into sudden death fairly easily in CTF, so revel in the tension if that’s your thing.

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