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Update: Just completed my first match with the Crimson Map Pack. For those of you that are curious, it was on Shatter with the new Game Mode (at least new to Online Matchmaking), Extraction. Game was very close, barely won at the last second because I was able to extract the last beacon and win.

Got two of the new achievements in just my first match and honestly, I think it was a glitch because both had to do with killing someone off a man cannon but I never went on a single man cannon the whole match but I did notice I got both achievements by killing someone while using jet pack, so that may be why.

I had no problem finding a match with near 13,000 people playing right now and I still have all my Microsoft Points, so I did indeed get this Map Pack for free without buying the Map Pass. For those of you wondering, I do have the Standard Edition NOT the Collector’s Edition. Full impressions of all 3 new maps and Extraction to come in the near future so stay tuned here!

Original Story follows:

Hey everyone!

This is a quick, short post for all of you as this may very well not last very long. I went to buy the Halo 4 Map Pass so I can play on the three new maps for the game. When I went to download it, it popped up the ability to buy the game for 0 Microsoft Points. That’s right, free! I believe it most likely has to do with all the issues the DLC is having right now, so hurry and download it before 343 Industries patches this up! Below is a quick picture of what happened when I accessed it as proof. Again, go to the Marketplace via the main menu of Halo 4 as that is how I did it. I am currently downloading the file right now and my Microsoft Points are exactly the same as they were before purchasing. Will update with more info on whether or not the DLC works for me in a bit, once it’s finished downloading!


Sorry for crappy picture, taken with my phone really fast. Go download it Halo 4 fans!


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  1. Aww dang! Well, I tried to get the article up as soon as I started downloading it so hopefully some people would be able to access it before they patched it but I guess they already did. Sorry everyone! Maybe with the next DLC this will happen.

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