Borderlands 2 Graveyard Virus Erases Online Characters

At GamerSyndrome we focus a lot on Borderlands 2, and it’s definitely one of our favorite games of 2012. But a distressing new adversary threatens to ruin all our fun–and that of gamers worldwide. No, it isn’t the looming threat of Handsome Jack, but a pesky online infection known as the Graveyard Virus.

Right now gamers who play Borderlands 2 on Xbox LIVE can be infected, and once infected, the virus deletes and replaces your save file with a “Graveyard file” which causes your character to automatically die as soon as you spawn and prevent re-spawning.

One of the most worrying elements of the virus is that it may be able to be transmitted through contact with an infected player, i.e. if an infected gamer joins a game, it may infect every other player in the lobby. This hasn’t been confirmed, but it’s best to play it safe and only join games with gamers you know.

Gearbox has already deployed a recent patch that aims at other fixes, but the Graveyard Virus continues to run rampant throughout Xbox LIVE, and hopefully Gearbox will be able to get the online menace under control. Gearbox has also issued a statement that advises gamers to avoid playing with random and suspicious players online and instead only play with trusted friends.

Another way to avoid this pesky virus is to make regular backups of your data on a USB stick, or automatically configure your Xbox 360 to save your data to the stick itself. Check the video below for helpful tips to avoiding the Graveyard Virus.


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