Battlefield 3: Aftermath Out Now on PC, Xbox 360

Battlefield 3: Aftermath was released on the PlayStation 3 last week and is now out on the Xbox 360 and PC as well. The DLC is currently only available to premium subscribers, but is coming to non-premium ones on December 11 for the PS3 version and December 18 for the PC and Xbox 360, and will cost $9.99. Aftermath puts players in destroyed Iranian cities thanks to a 8.1 magnitude earthquake. It introduces a Scavenger mode in which players start out with nothing but a knife, grenade and pistol and must scavenge the remains for better hardware, as well as new weapons including a crossbow and assault rifle combo known as the Xbow. In total there are four new maps, as well as new dog tags, assignments and achievements for players to unlock.

In Battlefield 3: Aftermath players can weave through the shattered districts, streets and cities in three new vehicles including heavily modified troop transports and a civilian vehicle adapted to deliver deadly force to the enemy. Battlefield 3: Aftermath also sees the debut of Scavenger mode – an objective based conquest where players must brave the environment armed with only one sidearm, as they try to find more powerful weapons in an attempt to survive with their squad. In addition to this, Battlefield 3: Aftermath delivers a new deadly and versatile crossbow for more silent kills, ten new assignments, dog tags, trophies, achievements and more.

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