Dragon Quest X WII U beta will start on February

When Dragon Quest X: Rise of the five tribes, latest entry in the Square-Enix Dragon Quest series, was announced as a massive online multipayer game for WII and WII U more than one gamer was surprised: the series was known for being a traditional JRPG series with conservative gameplay feautures like a first person view turn based battle system which sticked until Dragon Quest VIII released in 2004! Except for the inevitable improvements and tweakings in the formula the core experience stayed the same across the first nine games in the series.

In Dragon Quest X the traditional gameplay the series was known for has been combined with some of the typical MMO games’ feautures like open world enviroments, questing system and joining with other players in parties of max 4 members. Online adventurers can choose their race and class before exploring the world of Astoltia: all players will start as a Human but after a certain event they will be prompted to pick up a new race like Ogre, Elf, Dwarf and a few more.

The Wii version of the game was launched last August in Japan while the Wii U one will be released next year. In yesterday Nintendo Direct broadcast Square-Enix confirmed beta testing of the game will start on February and beta vouchers will be included with Wii U Premium console pack in Japan.

The Wii U version will sport high definition graphics and Gamepad support, making communication with other players easier thanks to a keyboard displayed on the Gamepad keyboard. Servers will be shared so save files will be compatible with both versions but it’s still unclear if there’s going to be some cross platform features.
There’s still no word on an overseas release.





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