Rayman Legends new gameplay video

A new video for Rayman Legends, the Wii U Ubisoft platformer, has been released today and it shows how Rayman and friends will move through one of the game’s stages.

Fifth game in the Rayman series, it’s a direct sequel to last year’s Rayman Origins and as such there’s not so much difference in style: Rayman and his friends will travel through each beautifully rendered 2D stage collecting Lumes, defeating enemies and freeing captured Teensies. Up to 4 players can join in the action too and cooperate to complete the stages: if any character is defeated he’ll become a baloon and other players can bring him back by simply touching him. The team will face defeat if all players are in a balloon state.
Defeat isn’t really a problem since players will restart at the nearest checkpoint with all their progress intact and there’s no lives system. Rayman Origins is more about exploring rather than surviving.

As shown in the video, Rayman Legends formula isn’t going to be much different from what was described above except for some general improvements and nice additions thanks to the Wii U Gamepad capabilities.
Through the Gamepad’s touch screen player will be able to control Rayman’s helper Murphy: he can be used to cut vines, remove obstacles, activate mechanisms, grabbing enemies and help collecting Lumes. Some stages will also features some rhythm minigames for Murphy.

Rayman Legends was originally slated to be released on Wii U launch window next month. However it’s been recently delayed to February 1 2013, still as a WII U exclusive.


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