Mass Effect 3 Wii U confirmed to be available on launch day

Future Wii U owners who haven’t got a chance to experience Mass Effect before for one reason or another will be happy to know that today BioWare has confirmed that the game will be available on Nintendo’s first HD console on launch day – November 18. Mass Effect 3 on Wii U will pack in a bunch of the DLC that owners of the previous versions had to pay for, with no extra charge. This includes From Ashes, as well as the multiplayer add-ons┬áRebellion,┬áResurgence, and Earth. The Wii U version of the game will also include the Extended Cut, a free download that expands on the game’s endings.

People who are worried about not knowing the story so far will be relieved to know that Darkhorse’s Genesis interactive comic will also come with this version. Originally introduced last year with Mass Effect 2 on PS3, it allows players to see a recap of the story from previous Mass Effect games and make the choices which will later reflect the story in Mass Effect 3. The Wii U version of Genesis will be updated to include Mass Effect 2 content and decisions.

Mass Effect 3 will also be there for the Wii U launch in Europe(November 30) and Japan(December 5), meaning everyone can get it on the fun.

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