Fifa ’13 WII U New Details

Every year, without failure, EA games graces the market with a new version of its famous officially licensed sports titles. Despite some controversy like the lack of real changes between each years’ game, many gamers are always waiting for the next iteration of their favourite EA sports game.
This year, with the incoming WII U release, EA has been hard at work to develop the WII U version of one its best selling games: Fifa ’13
Unfortunately, it seems that soccer fans may be slightly disapponted in knowing that Fifa 13 WII U version will lack some feautures present in the other versions. There’s also some good news as EA has tried to use the WII U gamepad in a number of interesting ways.
Matt Prior, WII U version producer, has revealed that some features like Fifa street skill system and the First Touch system couldn’t be tweaked properly for the new Nintendo console version because of a lack of time: the team had its hands full building the game’s foundation from the ground up and getting the engine to work on a new hardware.
The game will also lack the Fifa Ultimate Team add on, a virtual trading card game that’s really popular among the fanbase: WII U’s online infrastructure is still too young to get everything working properly
The team had only 14 months to get the game ready for November and even though the work was done alongside the other versions, it was too hard to reach parity since the other versions already had their foundations ready.
Fifa 13 Wii U, despite all the cuts, will feature some exclusive modes, like Manager Mode.
In Manager Mode players will be able to use the Gamepad to make players change their positions on the field, change formations and quickly set up man marking. Not only that: in Manager Mode player will be able to improve the team’s morale by praising or criticizing up to 3 players.
Other than Manager Mode, players will also be able the Gamepad touchscreen for shooting and passing.

The Wii U version of Fifa 13 will be released on November, the exact release date is still unknow at this time. Some new screenshots can be seen on the Official Nintendo Magazine website



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