Club Nintendo Update: 10/12/12

This is a new regular update that we are starting here at Gamer Syndrome, detailing for you the latest updates on Club Nintendo offers and free goodies.

The Basics:

For those of you that don’t know, Club Nintendo is a service that Nintendo offers, somewhat similar in concept to Xbox Rewards. It is free to sign up and become a member so if you are a Nintendo fan or you plan on buying the Wii U/3DS sometime soon, this is for you! To go into the basics of how Club N works, you basically buy certain qualified games and hardware such as a Wii or 3DS and then register the item online using your account to gain a certain amount of points for it. Of course to get the points you have to complete a short 5 minute survey and that’s no problem at all. With these points, you can redeem them for cool prizes and offers such as entire games! Every few weeks Nintendo has a new featured game you can get, one for Wii and then one for 3DS. I’m sure in the near future there will be a third featured game for Wii U, but that may be sometime from now.

Now for the latest Club news!

The newest featured game you can get for free is 3D Classics: Urban Champion! Of course, this download is for you 3DS gamers out there. Sorry Wii friends, no new game for you to get but you still can redeem your points for Dr. Mario Online RX if you haven’t already! Now, back to Urban Champion. This game was originally released on the NES as the first fighting game on the system. Nintendo has updated the graphics so that you can enjoy this classic now in 3D!

Those Snack Bar fights sure get out of hand.

The gameplay is simple with each brawl being a one-on-one grudge match but you have to keep an eye out for people and the police that will attempt to throw obstacles in your way to mess you up in the middle of the intense fighting. This game also allows for local multiplayer so that you and a buddy can duke it out and see who’s the urban champion of your area! Urban Champion is available on the eShop for $4.99 but you can get it right now for a limited time only until October 21st for only 150 Club Nintendo coins! So hurry on down to the Club Nintendo website if you want to nab this fighting classic for free! Oh and by the way, make sure to tell your friends too so you can challenge them to multiplayer!

Now that’s all for this week, so check back here at Gamer Syndrome for the latest updates on all your newest Nintendo goodies!

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