Tankbot Deskpet Review

So the nice people over at MobileFun Sent me a Tankbot Deskpet to do a review on, I happily did this and I’m glad i did as it was so much fun to use and figure out ho to use it,


This is the little beauty and doesn’t it look cute,

My dog seemed to think so as it chased it all over the living room floor.


SO you may be wondering what this actually does?

Well i’ll start off by saying it has 3 modes

1. Amazing touchless navigation, This is where the neat little guy roams free in any room on any surface and turns if it is going to hit something.
2. Autonomous personality mode. I found this really fun as i let it roam on my floor and it would run around then stop maybe sleep then start again going in any kind of direction it chose.
3. BONUS – Smartphone Control, This feature i sadly could not get to work, I think this would of been amazing as i have seen it on Youtube, If you manage to get one the app is called Deskpets and is available on IOS and android devices.

The Tankbot itself is made out of plastice and rubber catterpillar wheels, It also has a usb on the back to be able to plug into any usb compatible device and charge for 40 minutes to play for 40 minutes, Pretty neat if you ask me.

Now would i recommend this to you? Yes i would as its really fun to use, after i stopped recording my video review i spent a few minutes using it and couldnt stop laughing,

So where can i buy one of these you ask? well go to  MobileFun

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For those who can’t be bothered reading all this heres a Video of my review:


Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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