Samsung Galaxy S II 4G Review

Straight out of box, my first thoughts on this phone is that this thing is rather. For those of you that have large tablets and such, this may not be a big deal but me, being used to the old smaller Android phones and the iPod touch, knew this would take getting used to. For the first several days, I struggled with the keyboard, even as I typed the beginning of this review.

Nonetheless, this is an attractive phone, inside and out. Being used to my old phone and iPod, this is a welcome improvement. I’m talking fast as fast can be. From here, things get real good. I quickly imported all my info over and got to work looking for some games to test this baby out. Let me just tell you, this is where I came to appreciate the large screen. Videos look crisp and detail, a plus for someone with poor eyesight like myself. Also, gaming on this device has made me fully realize the potential of mobile gaming. Downloads were super quick and playing Dead Trigger (a free game I highly recommend), I felt a true console-like experience right here in the palm of your hand.

Just look at those disgustingly gorgeous zombies. (Actual screenshot from the phone)

There are a few kinks I noticed such as any notification stops the music playing, which is strange considering my much older Samsung phone never had that happen, and the speaker is located in a very awkward place, right where I have my hand most of the time which isn’t cool. While, earlier I mentioned that the keyboard is kind of whack, I later discovered (pretty much on accident) that the default keyboard is actually the Swype keyboard and you can change it back to the regular Samsung keyboard. I won’t go into Swype that much, as I tested the feature only to have trouble using it. While it is a novel idea, it does need to refined a lot as right now it is more of a hassle if anything else.

The final gripe I have about this phone, which besides the music kink, may very well be the biggest issue. Quite frankly, this is a brand new phone but it started overheating only after about 3 days of use. That’s right, 3 days. Now, yes it doesn’t consistently do that, but it does do it when many apps are open at the same time and there’s a lot going on. Normally, I’d be fine with this as this is a natural thing that happens with all electronic.devices if pushed too much. However, again, it’s only 3 days old. My 2nd Generation iPod touch didn’t start overheating until it was 3 years old. Now, I know that’s a bad comparison, but my old Samsung Intercept didn’t start overheating until it was almost 2 years old. Only thing I can say is, make sure you close out of every application you aren’t currently using and you should be fine.

Large, but still feels comfortable even in my small hands somehow.

Problems out of the way, let’s get back to what makes this phone great. The speaker, (when not obstructed by my finger) is actually quite loud, having audio that is crisp and clear. This phone boasts a 8MP rear camera, and that’s a sweet set-up for a phone. This has quickly become my go to point-and-shoot device for pictures and videos. The auto adjustments are brilliant, giving you the best picture I’ve seen on a mobile device yet. As for the front-facing camera, that is 2MP, which isn’t necessarily bad considering that’s some standard fare for a lot of phones’ main camera. In fact, this baby is capable of having HD video chat, a welcome addition. The HD is clearly seen, as during video chat, the camera highlighted all the small details of my face, which was unfortunate because that included all my blemishes as well. Sad face. Regardless, it is now my primary use when it comes to face-to-face digital chatting.

Overall, Samsung has created the true competitor on the Android side of OS to the Apple’s iPhone. If you love the Android OS over Apple’s iOS or just want a truly powerful machine, this is the phone for you.


  • Great cameras
  • Gaming is fast and beautiful
  • Powerful device
  • Loud speaker
  • Large screen perfect for videos and gaming


  • Speaker in awkward place
  • Large size does take getting used to
  • Overheats fairly quickly


This Samsung Galaxy S II 4G phone was provided by Virgin Mobile USA. Our team greatly appreciates and thanks Virgin Mobile for entrusting us with this provided phone for review. Learn more about the no-contract alternative at

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