Rayman Legends Demo Review

Genre: Platform

Platform: Wii U

Developer: Ubisoft Montpellier

Publisher: Ubisoft

Release Date: February 26th, 2013

Rayman can be considered a mainstay in the platforming games: Ubisoft managed to create some compelling games through the years, ranging from the 2D styled gameplay of the first game to the latest 3d offerings. Last year’s Rayman Origins was almost a return to the first game, with beautiful 2D graphics and slick gameplay, with a strong focus on exploration for both single and multiple players. The game is a real joy to look at and play. Rayman Legends looks like will be even better than Rayman Origins: the game will feature similar gameplay coupled with some new features tied to the Wii U Gamepad. A demo version is currently available for download and we can finally know by themselves if the game will be even better than Rayman Origins or just a quick way to make our hero appear on the new Nintendo Console.

Rayman’s brought some new friends

The demo version of Rayman Origins begins with an intro showcasing some of the new locations in the game: the usual natural environments are shown as well as some more fantasy inspired ones like castles, dungeons and so forth. Three levels are available in the demo: Teensies in Trouble, Toad Story and Castle Rock; Rayman, Globos, Teens and Barbara are the available characters. This time it looks like characters won’t be just an aestethic variation: Barbara can use her axe as a weapon with a different range of attacks from Rayman and friends.

The adventure begins

By trying out the Teensies in Trouble stage, you may get the idea that not much has changed gameplay wise from Rayman Origins: Rayman and friends will have to rescue some trapped teensies scattered in this forest, with the usual focus on exploration, with many secrets as well. It’s fun all right, but you’ll probably feel like you’re playing a Rayman Origins stage. However things start getting interesting when trying out the second stage, Toad Story, where we’ll finally be able to try out Murfy, completely controlled through the Gamepad’s touch screen. Murfy can interact with the stage in a number of ways: cutting ropes to reveal platforms, block enemies, activate devices in the stage as so on. Murfy controls really well on the touch screen and I personally can’t wait to see how things will evolve as the presence of Murfy can really spice up the gameplay formula. The last stage available, Castle Rock, features some more traditional Rayman gameplay but with a twist: you’ll be running on a castle’s walls while being chased by a dragon! The sequence is really fun, even if too easy, and really gorgeous to look at. Overall the graphics are really impressive with a 1080p output and steady 60 frames per seconds: this clearly shows that the Wii U can indeed deliver great graphics with the right amount of work.

Final Thoughts

Rayman Legends looks really great, even better than Rayman Origins, and will probably be as fun, if not more. If the game was delayed to bring this level of polish, I’m sure players will be really happy to have endured a few months of extra wait. The Gamepad features are nicely integrated into the gameplay experience, offering some nice variations on the standard 2D platforming sequences. I was really impressed by the demo and can’t wait to finally get my hands on the full game!


  • Great graphics
  • Different characters play slightly different from each other
  • Great Gamepad integration
  • Nice focus on exploration


  • None for now!


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