Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC Review

Omega is the second story expanding DLC to be released for Mass Effect 3. When we last saw Aria T’Loak in Mass Effect 3 she was killing time in the Purgatory club on the Citadel. She had been defeated by Cerberus and forced to leave Omega, shamed. Aria isn’t really the type to let something like that slide, so it was only a matter of time before she tried to retake Omega. That time is now, and she wants Shepard to help her do it.

This mission starts like many others, with you getting a message on your private terminal. Aria tells you to meet her on the Citadel so she can explain further. Once you meet up with her she lays out her plan for retaking Omega and then the fun gets underway. Obviously, the majority of the enemies you will be fighting through your 2-3 hour trek through Omega will be different Cerberus troops, all of which you fight in the game’s main campaign. However, there are two new enemy types that you will get to test your abilities against. The first is a new type of mech, the Rampart Mech, which is a much more durable variant of the regular mechs that you fight throughout Mass Effect 3. The second new enemy type is the Adjutant, which is a monstrosity created by Cerberus in the hopes of obtaining a huge army to fight for them. They resemble some of the Reaperfied enemies that you fight in the game, but aren’t quite as annoying as the Brutes or Banshees.

Just like in the Leviathan DLC, there are new weapon modifications laying around that you can pick up and use. A shotgun omni-blade and a heavy pistol barrel are two of the ones I found while exploring the dark corridors of Omega. On top of new modifications, there are also a couple completely new weapons to be found, just in case you are getting tired of the loadout you have now.

You got to spend a decent amount of time on Omega during the main game, but it was nice to get to explore even more of the seedy station in between mowing down Cerberus troops. If one of your hopes for this DLC was that Bioware would add as many elevator rides as humanly possible, then they must have read your mind because you take an elevator EVERYWHERE. Hardly five minutes ever goes by without Shepard having to take an elevator ride to another floor. Luckily they aren’t as painfully long as the ones in the original Mass Effect.

Aside from your main goal of liberating Omega from Cerberus control, there are also a few small side quests that you can complete if you so choose. One of them involves finding Aria’s old couch and sending the location of it to an Elcor merchant who was rather unfair to a young Quarian the last time you were here at Omega. There really isn’t a strong incentive to complete these side quests other than the experience points and some money, but it’s an alright way to make the DLC last a little longer.

One of the big talking points for Bioware when marketing this DLC was the first ever appearance of a female Turian in a Mass Effect game. Why it took this long into the series for them to have one I will never know, but at least they finally did it. Her name is Nyreen Kandros and she has a complicated history with Aria to say the least. I don’t want to spoil anything, but her character is fairly well done and decently likeable. She isn’t one of the stronger characters in the Mass Effect universe, but there is only so much you can develop a character in the course of a three hour DLC. She teams up with you and Aria at a couple points and seems to handle herself well, meaning I didn’t have to revive her at any point, which is always a plus.

Aria’s character was as good as ever, once again perfectly pulling off that bad-ass attitude while still managing to elicit some laughs from time to time. Having more time to converse with her about different topics leads to a couple interesting conversations. She also has a couple slight personality shifts during the course of your mission together, showing that she isn’t always as stone cold as she tends to come across.

There are a couple of downsides to this DLC offering, but nothing that is a deal breaker. The fact that you can’t bring any of your crew with you for your mission on Omega kind of bothered me at first, but it also allowed for Shepard to have new partners in Aria and Nyreen. On the technical side, there are a few times where characters will make weird movements that are obviously not part of the design. Having Nyreen stand in front of you while talking and then suddenly appear ten feet away can be pretty jarring. Thankfully it only happens a couple times and only lasts for a second or two.

Overall, I personally preferred the Leviathan DLC over this one, but Omega has its moments where it shines as well. $15 (1200 MS Points) seems kind of steep for what you are getting, but if you are a die-hard Mass Effect fan like myself then you will probably end up paying it anyway. Taking back Omega from one ruthless criminal just to hand it over to another ruthless criminal may not be Shepard’s proudest moment, but you will more than likely have fun doing it.


– Nyreen the female Turian

– Aria is still great

– Getting to explore Omega is fun


– Minor technical issues

[xrr rating=8/10]

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